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[x]Friday, March 05, 2004[x]
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hmm...HeLo agAin...keep on saying helo...hie...bye,,,like lempuek siak...cam budak toopid gituk..wellly welly well...ahahhaha...2day ah i go out wif ma cuzzin and ma close fren mat..we went to cck..kite jalan jalan.ah den lek lek kat bawa blok,,dah macam budak bodoh..hmmz happy siak..ma fwen pi sound ma adek stead hahahhahah...kelakar sak...i hear he sound bley kekek...he tell me he is shy to sound her...hahhaha standard ah..budak nak sound pompan...hahahhahahha...welll but congrats dem ah..it was a success 1...hehehhe...and congrats me fer making it works 4 both of them hahahhaha...happy siak dorang,,,,wo wo wow...happy siol...takleh angkt

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