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[x]Thursday, September 29, 2005[x]
[* loads and loads 2 update! *]

hey hey long tyme neva update since monday rite?hmm
well tuesday neva go sch..plainly coz of my nenny..
she is sick..nah she;s fine now..
well on wed hmm nuthg much happens juz go 2 sch as pernormal..
hahas..kecohrable uh..lek2 at blk uh..hmm den suddenly raining..
ooh cant go sch..gosh..so cold aites =)
onli 1 plus go class..haha den chill at canteen..well as i say dis few daze nuthing much..
onli at nite uh..
my aunt call me..ask me 2 wear white fer syed azmir [my cuzzy] bro!hmm well wanna knw one thg..my another cuzzy side also wearing white..oh gosh! gonna b da same?
nah if its gonna b da same its ok..
aww juz cant wait..

well ppl is juz gonna go crazee man!!,,
hmm my cuzzy finalist ohhhh gosh!>.
gonna go 2 day..hmm dun b late ina pls..!
haha juz do project half way den give up..
hmm meet momZIE all and aunt at bustop going 2 da anugerah thingy..
hey i got a free tixs..hahakz..hmm go mediacorp..
aww damn near 2 my house..khehhehe..
momZIE also like kanchiong,,
hmm meet AZMIR MOM and she HUG ME!!..awww cute rite..
hmm miss dem ol man!!>.did took pic wif his mum..
she got another syz..hmm CIK ITA..
wah we been sitted at da galleria..!hmm all supporter of AZMIR!!
shouted,,aww he is soo gorgeous u knw!..
HEs CUTE! yeshhaaa..hahhaha..
i admire him..hehe takde lar..
hmmm both are so charming!,,
hmm dey sang POP YEH YEH..
cute lar..
hmm den as we on..hmm getting louder..
hmm aft few performance,hmm tyme fer da finals..
hmm toking abt dis EDRY KRU!! siak uh THKS HIGHLY OF HIMSELF!!!..
hmm den da finals is up..


kkz anugerah was great all wif diff color..uniquely US!!!..
hmm 2 red and 2 white..aww GORGEOUS..
kk lar im tired of typing..my eyes wanna close..tc ppl,,LOVES U GUYS..


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[x]Monday, September 26, 2005[x]
[* i wanna mek u holla..! *]

ey ey..lets update..?
yeah yeah..ferst of all go work..
working on sundae..yeah rite..
early in da morning..den wah lau so damn farking bzy..heh..
den damn tired lar..hmm restless..ishk..
i still survive..hahahaha..!
hmm den somemore my peepz keep on calling me!.
& asking me wat tyme im going?
ishk im working lar doink..
somemore bizy..ishk..
hmm den go home and get ready lar..ishk fweaking tired sia..ishk
den have 2 go out wif dem all..
hmm sending back one of my fwen back 2 indon..
hmm aww his leaving us!..
da 2nd person..
da 1st one already go home already on feb i guess..
hmm ferget uh..
dey onli gt 6months onli in spore..
and off dey go..
hehe..ferst of all we went 2 meet akak and her working place..
at abt 7 onli we proceed..hmm wen 2 citi hall..
hmm hahax..hmm we went to eat SAKURA..!
haha sape belanje..?kakak uh biase..
lol..haha i ate crispy noodles..
dey eat lemon chix..yum yum..sweet and sour fish slice..tomyam soup..sambal kangkong..fried wantan and salad yu tiao [is dat correct spellink]..nah dey all ate rice..
hmm lapar ekh..lol..
hmm den proceed 2 esplanade..hmm i gt take some pics wif my camera,,erps pakai disposable nye i donnoe can get or nt,,erps..coz ferget 2 bring da digi cam..ohh gosh..
hmmph!..nah its okie still can survive w/o dat..
hmm den we juz use my camera..quite clear..hmm..well but i donnoe hw 2 post it in my entrees..hmm i try but it not work at all..hmm nah..layta i try again..hehhe..
den we g0ssips we jokes aloads..haha i larx,,da kecoh..hahakz..
lol laughs all dae long..hehe..den we relaks drink water..
den we took pic near da merlion der..wow..great lar..weee lolx..
we gave him a gift..a pendant..
hmm..lolx..den onli we go home..hmm and dat was abt 12 pluss..haha..
hmm so late...he goes round hugs all da ppl..
hmm wen my turn he hugs..he says thxs fer everythg..and he pat my back..aww
like wanna cry..but NO! control ok! all wen back happily..
wen 2 sleep wahh damn tired..

hmm wen 2 sch..yeah morning class..
tc okie baybe!>.wee..did my project laz min..
teacher neva scold me but she loves me ahahah!..
hheheh..not even 10 mins of doing project..
ohh gosh!,,hmm den go fer break!>.
nah can die..hahah well..hmm at laz da aftnoon clas hmm i did finish..
ah yeahh its working..weeee..lol..hahahha..heppi enuff..
hmm but wait somethg bad happen..
erps asking me..

MOMzie > ina wru?
myself > heppily ans..hmm im in sch lar mah..
MOMzie > do u knw mak falls down frm a chair..
myself > i was like panic..hmm wen..wat tyme..how was her?
MOMzie > she was ok..but hurts..[of course in my <3]>
myself > wat makes her like dat?in a panic way!
MOMzie > she climbed 2 keep da bags..hmm erps..hmm den she falls frm da check,,...da check umbalance..
myself > she knws dat she sicks why muz climb layta can ask me rite?den kk layta i go see her..

asking my teacher 2 leave me earlier..
my face change 2 very pale..every1 asking,..
no lar answering dem in tears,, my grandma falls frm a chair..and knocked herself on da wood..
ARGH!!! why muz diz happen..FARKS LAR!!!
hmm rushing home by cab..
erps frm YISHUN U KNW,,
wah damn ex..hmm cost me $14 pluss..wah till i slept in da cab..
hmm so tired,,hmm den wen home and ask my nenny condition...
*phew* shes ok..onli ade DARAH BEKU!!!..hmm nenny tc okie..
i loves euu so much hugs..
kk until here..don wanna make my tears drop till i blogged again!!!..
tc ppl.. do taggg,,.


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[x]Saturday, September 24, 2005[x]
[* special moments... *]

w0w relli great uh 2day..
askin nenny 2 wake me up at 6?
u knw wat goes 2 sch lar as usual..
im tired..so i sleep again..
0oH gosh! overslept!..
hah serve me rite?
nahh its ok der is still roam of going 10 oclock class rite?
u knw wat im going..hehe..
den juz go lar meet my fwens..wah 2 day our outing hope its conferm..
meeting dem..den dey say YESH 2 day all go..
wee enjoying myself again wif dem..
hmm hope dis not da laz tyme we are going out 2 getha..
still tyme goes by..
togethernesss of us is always der..
so be heppi..
dey need me! i need dem..so yesh a heppi pham ok..
we meet up at 8 plus..
meeting place at commonwealth..
my palace! hahah biase lar..
n u knw im always da stars whu come late..
dey arent angry..
we quickly to0k da twain..
alighting at EUNOS!!
hmm take cab..hahha
wahhahha kaya raye man..
hmm den i was saying like..
wat tyme da bicycle shop closed?
hmm dey say ard 10 plus..
coz we reached east coast 9.48 wahh still remmbr d tyme?hehe
of coz.. our nite..
yeah we did rented bicycles..hmm one of da bicycle cost $8 and d other is $7..
hmm totally 5 ppl der so we rent lar..hmm da whole nite..
hmm worth it rite hmm can ride da whole nite..
wahh relli enjoy..
wahh why izzit cheap huh?
mayb dey tot we wont cycle fer da whole nite i gues..
hmm we willl b sleepink..
but no okay..we cycle one end 2 end..its great..windyy..wah
blew us up..
i juz love dem..dey always be der fer us..hmm we will stop if any1 of uu stop..
in a way..when i stop do do smethg dey also stop..
hw loving are dey..
we all ccycless da whole nite long..
hmm we play games..UNO? hahha
play in fives??hmm yeah great,,
den we play bluff..we play american style or wat..
its somethg like UNO but using POKER card..
we ate maac.. coz damn hungry..i ate 2piece and da rez gave my fwens..still gt fish burger.
but neva eat....at 3 plus onli eat share wif said..
seriusly enjoy myself..weee.=)
i love dem..dey rawk my werld..aww!
hope 2 go out again wif dem..
hmm at abt 3 - 4 we went bedok jetty..
we sat and went fishing..ferst tyme da weight flys off..
hahahha i laugh at dem!>.lol farnie sia..
hmm den..onli relaks chill we play game and riding,,,at 6 onli we left da jetty all of us like abit tired,,hmmm resting at da bench..lying down...
wat i do..put my head down..means TIARAP uh!..
hahhaa..den we cycles off back 2 mac side..hmm wow all da asses are pain..
hahha sakit siol..haha nah but still can SURVIVE..`
hmm as we riding thru da costa sand..ders dis bunch of grp..disturbing one apek uh..
wah piangz curse and swear..
in my heart saying..mesti uh korang berani,,sebab korang satu grp..kalo aku side apek nye..kurang ajar sia ni binawe smua..kacau org..maki maki mak smua..ape nak jadik..sialan!!..
den we jus ignored..keep going..
Hmm wen 2 7eleven hmm i bought drinks and cheezel..yum yum..not hungry but finding smethg 2 chew..lol..hmm share wif fwens..and my dear fwen ate nasi lemak..
huh nasi lemak in da morning?erps not fer me..
i don eat rice in da morning!...durh`..hehhe..
den aftdat we go PONDOK!!,,shelter it call,...
rest uh..sleepy abit all take a nap..hmm at 7 i woke up..resting abt 1/2 and hour..
hmm yeah..hmm noisy morning exercise..da chinese..i donnoe wat da thg call..aloads sia pppl do dat,..gt somemore another side abt 4 more grp...
wahh noisy..but still my fwens can manage 2 sleep uh..dey tired..
hmm at abt 715 me razis and said..hmm sat and all keep quiet..coz all tired already..
planning fer da laz ride,,
and off we go home..wah..
we ride one round near da costa sand..hmm
while cycling i use da phne..nasib baik tak jatuh..coz like gt jerk like dat..erps..terlepas jek ke kanan..hmmph..nasib org tak nmpak..my fwens were dere 2 help me..hmm..
all say ok or nt..
ya im ok..no hurts at all..
yeah off returning da bicycle..yeah nw we go home..
puni and jacob went off taking his bike..
den da rez we took bus..as we walk down da underpass..our legs like tertekan,,
mayb we cycle and da season..hmm dats why..
hmm in da bus all were sleepink..hahha
penat sioll!
kk now wanna take a nap..tc..tell ya again layta aft i wake up..till we meet again..wee
den aft i wake up ard 3 hhmm met mama and nenny @ giant IMM!..
hmm wah my cuzzy ABG DER..cant see him..hehhe..conferm nak ambek gmbr ngan dier..si cute 2..coz im late..mama did ask me but dat pt of tyme was sleepink tired sia..
hmm well nah will see him soon..loves himm man he rawks..wow..wee HUGS ABG!!..
den ate long john..treat dem uh..we ate..hmm yummy yum..den onli go home by cab..
kk im feeling tired..wanna dose off kaez..tc pppl
LOVE MY PHWENZA..weee MUACKS AND HUGS>... thxs we make up fer next gathering..weee tc all..keep on taggink!
overall i enjooy man weee =) hmm going 2 sleep tired..hmm tc ppl..im werking 2molo and going out wif my phwens..love ya all!!!

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[x]Thursday, September 22, 2005[x]
[* wahh very da b|zy.. *]

sch tyme..hahha..
back 2 sch onli 2day..aft absent fer abt 1 week..
*phew* luckily teacher neva call me..
momZie pissed of wif me coz i always neva go sch!..
hak dishkk*
sick wat to do..
hey ppl guess wat my cough getting betta..feewits..
muz take da cough mixture again!..
hehe 2 get 2 normal..
hmm woke up 615 hmph! yawnZzZ..
den prepare 2 go sch>
yeah gd gerl lar ekh go sch..
den leave da house 7.00
reached sch 8.10 hmm ready 2 go clas..but since den clas havent start lar..
den juz go and see my form teacher
taking my inniative to see my form teacher..
wah piang kena lecture..dey like 2 disturb me..
hahha even i hate my form teacher..i can see she loves me =)
see her face ok..hahha..
jgn jeles pls!
hmm den i muz make promise to my teachers in charge,,
hmm dat i promise 2 cum class regularly of else kena debar..
kk i promise teachers..
took down my form teacher num..and ok go..
proceed 2 class..next meet da english class teacher..
gt aloads of assignment 2 do..yeah..
hmm den she thought i can do it..
piiii dahhh mabokz..lol..
hmm i can ok..do alone also can..
da assignment abt BUSSINESS PLAN?
yeah i manage..
da whole class like miss me?
yeah dey doooo..!
hmm den wen hme ard 12 coz class ended at 12
going home and prepare 2 go werk,,
hahha soo damn tired..
den werk all da way..
my mouth uh touch wood sia..i say no customer one..
skali gosh come aloads sia..
turn by turn
luckily have my lunch..
still full
onli go break at 7..
wah damn tired...
momZie called?hmm call her back..
talking abt tixs fer da ANUGERAH..
2 watch my both cuzzie fauzie and AZMIR..!
ABANG U RAWKS!!! wee loves euu aloads.
wee hmm den sms auntie.
wah she wanna get fer me tixs i guess..
crosses finger,hope i get =) weee..
wee den go home..too tired log in a while in da msn..
den ook kk off 2 sleep bye ppl..till we meet agaiN!
wee muacks! wahahha...
nitey nites2

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[x]Tuesday, September 20, 2005[x]
[* lets gogo update!! *]

hey update?yeah been a long tyme since my laz update..
was totally pissed wif dis farking BLOG!!
stewpid sia..dis is my second tyme -publishing-
erks..ferst of all wanna thanks to all da passionate readers..
der were der fer me when dey saw me saddy saddy sad,,
hmm dey comfort me+ dey give me support+everything lar+appreciate dem so much..
well lets stop abt my grrl phwens thingy..
will try 2 be heppi like wat i use 2 be..
thxs fer making me lighten up my path..HUGS..
hmm abt my old grrl phwens actually dey do want me back 2getha wif dem..
its all lies on me..my stubbornity? heheh..
biase uh..aku degil pe...
dey ask me out..but i will keep myself bizy..
buts dat da true im bizy lar..hmm..even i do..
neva be da same again!..
hahha well stop toking abt dem..
hmm now toking abt me pls pls pls..!
hmm i was also pissed of wif myself..
hmm not recovered since laz week,,
been 5 days straight neva go sch? yeah..notti rite?
well yest juz came back 2 see da doc..
im nt well..haiz..hmm pretty sad..hmm not im always sick ok
frm las week sia...grrr..
god pls help me pls..haiz..
sorie 2 all if i been trouble u all,,sorie..
hmm ya den da doc say wat happen 2 euu..
been fever frm laz week,,,den my throats..my flu.
da doc like scared like dat.. coz now gt dengue rite?
yeahh musim uh..
hmm if nt i muz stay fer another 3omins..
juz im tired lah..haiz..
erks..mayb wanna cum PMS!!!..
erks dis another prob..
hmm haiya..den juz say 2 da doc no fever..
da doc keep on saying sure or not no fever..
5 times she repeated dat..argh!..hmm den say no uh..took da medicine..
hmm den wen home..was tired yeah rite.. euuu..
hate it man!..awww den took a nap..yeah 2 days mcc..! hahha will be at hme..
onli thurs lar i will go sch..hmm my attendance sucks lor..!
ishkk kk i wanna rest liao..tc..thxs every1 muacks n hugs..


P/s: 2 sweet kisses: hey i cant tagg at ure blog coz gt error baybe..hmm yeah..hmm kasi betol den i start taggink aites *winks*

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[x]Sunday, September 18, 2005[x]
[* hollllaaaa!!! *]


ifah*- its hard on me..hmm dis is da problems im facing..im nt sure whether i can face it or nt?hmm ya u rite we gone thru aloads of ups and down but manage 2 try 2 cool down..!im juz relakz down here..feel sad abt it!hmm ya i do need a break..and since u say don blame myself..?hmm okie i will try okie..not dat i say i wanna avoid frenshp juz dat donnoe uh..heart pain fer all dis..haizzzz.thxs fer ur moral support appreciate it so much..HUGS!!!hahhakz panjang uh..smua kasi panjang2 hahakz..will add ya hunnie weeee~ appreciate it baybe!!!..muackz..and thxs to da ppl whu help me =) i try k to make thgs betta..hmm.. =) will link euu soon..i mean change da url? kk goo

ria*- okie sure fer da taggink hmm wee~..thxs fer da support..weee!np..i will..u too tc =)

dini*- hmm i dunnoe lah..i guess need 2 be alone fer da tyme being but dun worry will still be fwens..!ya we shld fergive and ferget...but now i juz cant take it dear..heart pain..dis not da past but dis all da probz dat i face..is juz a new probz in my head..hmm dey still contact me!,still ask me out?yeaps dey do..but i dun wish 2 go out wif dem coz as i say..neva b da same again..!hmm thxs fer siding me =) hmm we usually go out every wkends but nt dis tyme? why slacked?hmm nah nvm..i also donnoe how to solve dis type of prob man..thxs aniway..mayb i wont reveal
anythg 2 dem =) juz feeling sad fer da moments haiz..hmm another chance 2 dem..mayb yesh mayb no okies..thxs syg fer da advice!!appreciate it hugzz...

INA*- hmm chances?erps i guess so?but haiz..ya i knw ppl makes mistakes by all dis..but why ppl like have no sense of humour..as my other fwens say dat..if i cry do dey knw?hmm dey dun even knw sia..hmm nahh nvm..nevamind i do treasure dem..bt dis happen..?hmm kk i wont gif excuses next tyme?i dun wish 2 tell dem..let me be hurts..hmm btw w/o telling dem i will be heppi?okies?thxs fer making me smile okie?wee~

jah*- thxs fer tagging!lop ya many2 hmm..u too tc?

`msRASTACHICA*- tell dem?insyaallah? kaez no promise! hmm nah its okie i understand..m also bizy wif sch =) tc gerl!

[x]idahchix*- hmm shld ke tell dem?hmm i don thk so uh..betta 2 be a loner?yeah rite a loner aites =) ya i quite bizy sometimes wat to do?have 2 face it?hmm w/o telling dem i will try 2 smile mayb i need a tyme break?yeah rite sure=) thxs so much dear..

nanachca*- ya mayb shld gif dem a chance..?may b same prob like euu rite wif all da dvaS?hmm,,feel like telling dem =) but mayb not da tyme rite? thxs kak fer da advice =) will try 2 solve it one by one kaez..take tyme kaez fer us 2 settle down..?may b dey are nt?mayb dey understand?mayb dey heartless?will tc..u too tc?hmmm hugs* =)

meeya*-sure i will =) try okies thankz

nazurah*- hmm donnoe uh dear why become like dat..heart pain sia haiz =( i also hope uh..until wen sia?wanna b come like dis?tagg lerrr =) heh.. mishh away ler..heh!

acah`*- sure i will now dun stress myself..i will try 2 make thgs betta k..hmm thxs dear

___lilnana*- adek! yeap u knw da prob? frm whu..jgn kecoh2 pls thxs..=) hmm well hmm no lar mane ade sad? =) smiles nie.. thxs fer being der fer me.. =)

chinonet*- lyke dat wat u mean?hmm avoid dem? no im aint avoiding dem..hmm dey still my fwens? yeap dey ar?thxs fer being der fer me =) wee...

eilaqeeyut*- helo?! heh..is okie..hmm tc..thxs fer da comments of my blog ! hugs!

missblurtink*- helo..wat u say its true..*thumps up*hmm but im facing another kind of situation whereby im too stubborn 2 share nor anythg coz..hmm im boring wif dem..but seriusly i dun wanna tell dem ler..hehhe thxs aniway..hmm ya i will..but aint dat bad..hmm sure u too tc kaez hugs*

CoverGirl*-ya i also gt new fwens?wat abt my old fwens..hmm ders no need fer me to make new fwens..nt to say dat hmm i already everyday making a new phwens =) ya i knw we will lead 2 diff path..but now dey sms me dey didnt call me =) dat all i dun care if dey neva..wat i mean dey ferget fwenshp?correct uh action speakz louder den werds yeahh rite thumps up ..dey shld prove me wrong if dey treat me like one of dem?yeahhhaaa

keci[k]enit*-yeap kecik u rite =) ya gd fer euu k? hmm all da bez 2 both of euu..?wee yeap im old enuff to thk aites..hmm sure thxs fer da advice of urs..appreciate it aites =) mmg boleh..will try 2 smile =)...

nna*-hmm thxs fer da comments =) heh!?/hmm teach mcm mane sey..tak pandai uh?

kynz*-hello =)

sweetkisses*-ya dey cum and go... =( no i wont tell dem dat im leaving..juz diam kan diri..kalo teguh2 teguh uh g2..btw thxs fer da advice..=) nah its okie..

2 all:-thxs fer all da comments and advices of euuu guyz...relli appreciate it so much *hugs* hmm thxs once again fer trying to help me in da fwenshp..hmm try 2 solve da probs and try 2 smile and be heppi..mayb w/0 dem i would be heppi/sad..ya ders always ups and downs in a relationship =) so have 2 face it through..thxs ppl... *bows* *hugsz* *muackz*

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

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[x]Thursday, September 15, 2005[x]
[* help me..kill me..murder me...! *]

hey ppl i promise ya all wanna share my probz rite?
here it goes..
u knw now im a loner?as in i prefer 2 be loner..
laz tyme use 2 be wif my grrl phwens..
we are so close until we like dis..
like how?
i neva contact dem fer abt 2 months till now..
u all are saying me bad or dem..?
hmm u wanna knw why?
coz dey have a dance grp?den dey ferget me?
wahh all trying to msg me..but i change my bum..
i didnt gif it to dem u knw?!!!
hmm actually da main reasons im leaving dem..as in
wanna treat dem as a normal fwen..no more syzta..no more grrl phwens..
hmm wat i say 2 my grrl phwens.."org yang aku kenal baru aku panggil dorang grrl phwens..yang lame tu aku tak panggil dorang grrl phwens"..so yang lame nye all tak boleh harap..
hmm ad msg me..saying wah..semenjak dier nye bdae..aku diam jek..hmm ko marah ngan kiter?
hmm u knw wat i do..i don reply i juz delete her msg..well ppl in my new num contacts..i dun have their numbers!!!..
hahha i delete it away..
my another fwen msg me thru fwensta..!bcoz she cant get me in da msn..
i din block her..i juz put away..! heres her msg!!!...
> > hey baby gerl.. hope u'r doin fine.. its been > > sumtime since we contacted each other.. i > dunno > > wat i or ad did wrong to b shun by u.... hope dat > > situation gets better... miz d old times... > > nevertheless.. do take care aite... reply if u > care... > > ges dats bt it... on bhalf of ad or huever dat's hurt > > u... we'r sori for our wrong-doings... it'd b great if > u > > could at least explain 2 me.. wats d matter n y > > we'r not like wat we use 2 b... hope u'd giv us a > > chance 2 noe wats bothering u... ders ups n > > downs in r'shp.. to stick our way thru thick n thin > > we hv 2 express our feelings so dat the other > party > > wats goin on our mind... enuf said.. hope u'd > > wanna share... take care babe.. much > > love...*winks*.....
wat did i reply her....
> erps hie..nuthing itz ok..go on wif ur life..so juz > treat as in im gone..neva worth fer us i guess...its > okie..like wat i say kalo org ade kawan baru..mesti > lupe kawan lame..and..dis is da way fer me 2 > express or keep it 2 myself..thxs fer everythg..ya > help ya concern..im fine tq..tc gerls..i missed da ol > tymes of us..! ya i do..but dis suituation i hate..but > i have 2 face it..ooh well..juz us her 2 tc..knwn u > guys fer years..aand its like dis..
da laz reply frm her..i dun wish 2 put it here..all i can say she is like blaming on me..saying dat i dun wanna share da probs wif her..wat fer?
hmm she treat me dis way..makes my tears drop..seriusly wen da ferst msg..tears come out =( ..
not 2 say im emo or wat juz da facts sia..we been fwens fer years and dis is up to..
i told my grrl phwens now..hmm she cool me down..she says dat if i wanna make fwens dun make it so close..hmm..mayb my fault..
well she pm me at msn?hmm she say hey babe..hmm dis sat and next sun are u free..
wah wanna ask me out?to cool me down..hmm no way..trying my bez 2 like dun go,,saying im bizy and etc..hmm well one of my fwen here have a new guy..hmm..so she like telling me if i knw confirm i laugh..erps..no tyme?yeah rite..hmm i knw whu already no need 2 care..hmm dey ask me out..was telling dem im bizy..?hmm den she blames me u always bizy..yesh of coz..even im not i will make myself bizy *winks*..i dun wanna go out wif dem..regardless of anything!!!..
well..dats all..
well now nt feeling betta..actually aft da flu..wow i get a high fever..
erps..seriusly yesh..makin terok...durhh..have to take care of my self...kk see ya layta peeps
weee love u all help me wif dat?k thxs..

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

pitterflutteroway at
11:21 PM wif

[x]Tuesday, September 13, 2005[x]
[* geez..guezz whus back..back again.. *]

hah..holla 2 every1...espicially 2 my lovelies..
been daze i neva update?so how mish me?ouh yesh rite..
hahhakz..kk ferst thg ferst i loves u all hmm muackz..
2ndly i didnt update! hmmph! sorie ppl..u wanna knw why..
im plainly lazy+no tyme+have sch...
hahha dun scold me or anythg..kk..
im sorie ppl hehe...oops..
3rdly..i got somethg 2 share wif ya guyz..i need ya help plsss!!!!
hmm layta on will update on dat...haiz..
kk ppl im running wif flu..geez
luckily my fever doesnt rise up! kalo tak mampos aku rite rite//
nt 2 say im sick rite?hmm juz plainly tired i guess muz b overwerk?
izzit?hmmph!..pity me rite?
now i in stress mood..could u ppl please help me wif da situation ouh pls?hmm
haiz.!! its a bt fwenship..help me wif dat..layta da next post i will put it =)
thxs taggies appreciate ure help k?
weee loads of love tilll we meet again!..weee
gotta go sleep taking care!

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

pitterflutteroway at
11:53 PM wif

[x]Saturday, September 10, 2005[x]
[* wah wah wah..rawk steady..! *]

weee..! am here 2 update..!
fulemak yest..why neva update =)
well ppl tagboard gifing me prob..i went 2 every1 blog da tagboard cannot see..
got error!..
my plan was yesterday..hmm replied 2 lovelies den im gonna update..
since cannot see haiya my as well no update =) sorie dear..
well ppl im fresh back..well wat happen actually 2 me yest..
was i was on my bed..and suddenly i felt giddy..
hmm so pain...
ohh euuu..erps..i got a migraine..which i hate it!!!..
i thk it causes my wisden tooth!!sheesh
euuu..!some more i wanna play my comp..
keep on looking at my blog..ishk!,,
wat i do was i took da medicine..khhehe..
hmm make me release da pain..
and suddenly @ nite i feel so hot and my body aching?
why huh?hmm mayb i sleep 2 late @ nite and wake up early in da morning..sheesh..
kk enuff of yesterday..its over..
well 2 day wat actually happen..hmm my tagboard is okie back as pernormal?
yeahhaa..den only now i reply 2 my lovelies..
well dey been complaining 2 me dat dis song sucks..? why huh?
hmm...listen 2 da ferst line..doesnt relli matter wat ure fwen tell u?hahhaha
oops no offence..weee,,love u all taggies..wee
will link u up 2 dos whu wanna links aites...-) doesnt relli matter will link ya ol soons!
tc..mayb i will change another song aites =) enjoy ur stay

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

pitterflutteroway at
11:52 PM wif

[x]Thursday, September 08, 2005[x]
[* g0ssipz+loads thg 2 update =) *]

hey my lovelies =) im backk..
well i recovered but except 4 da giddyness dat haf in me haishh =)
no worries kaez ppl muacks..loves u guyz..hmm..u all are so caring..
=) loads of thgs 2 update yesh =)

ferst of all been 3 days i neva go sch..den 2 day i went..yesh
dey all mish me..including da teacher..espicially mrs tan..
hahah she missed me so much..aww!
ferst of all wen i enter class..rilek onli wif slipperz..w/o uniform
my farking stewpid form teacher look at me =) i juz ignore her..
my fav teacher call me up =)

mrs tan:neva see ya fer quite some times where haf u been?
myself:sick uh ,i got mc ..i vomitted plus dierier?
mrstan:ooh euu betta cum class regularly..if not i return back ur prezzy..
myself:kk i wil dun return me back =) if not i kill euu
mrstan:i want my students like euu 2 be punctual regularly..=)
myself: sure =)

wat did i do in clas?yesh i do some werk..i do da circuit alone ok..dey all pair up
but im alone all by myself..hehhe
i did do all haha teacher was shocked.hehhh..
neva come still can do.
hahha jgn mainĀ² uh l0l..aft sch
den we relak at mac..
ahhaha biaser uh gossipz lol..
kacau2 my fwens..hahha bbl like tok abt calon mereka?
hahha ekekke..laugh till tears flows,,
not crying kaez =) hehe
den we chill..
hehhe den i went home lar..
play wif comp of coz hmm do my blog?
ya edit da profiles and change da song..?

ppl hows da song?okie or not..u all prefers da old one im glad or now?
which one..
kk dearies dos whu want me 2 link leaves ur url kaez next tyme
i kinda ferget fool hehehhe sorie =) hehhehe..
loves u ppl thanks fer taggink aites appreciate =)
keep on taggink?kk till we meet again..thxs all fer da support..i haf recovered aites

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

pitterflutteroway at
11:30 PM wif

[x]Wednesday, September 07, 2005[x]
[* ferget 2 thxs my dearie [sha voxxie] *]

erps sorie 4 da late update 2 thxs SHA VOXXIE..HOW SWEET OF HER..THXS DARLS!!

hey hey..i 4get uh..ppl d other day b4 i put up an entry..!
on tues if im nt wrong yeah...its on dat day,,,
actually i was sick..seriusly sick,,
yet b4 i came back frm my uncle house..
i was already sick..haiz..
i vomit..eurghhh i got dierier? is dat da correct spellink,,!
i guess uh hantam onli!...lol *winks*
hmm well ppl actually i got FOOD POISONING..
since da day i got dat on sun..
da day itself neva been eating..
well on dat day aft came back..i caught in da rain..haiz..
well when on da day i came back i log in..
ferst thg ferst i log in 2 my msn..den i change my nickk sorie ppl im sick..den
aft dat i visit my blog..! hmmph ppl been tellink me dat i neva update..
wow lovelies are worried abt me!..
so i pm sha..hehe asking her 2 helo me out telling her dat im sick..
wat she does is she help me 2 tag at my blog telling everybody im sick..and she actually pray fer me 2 get well soon..
THXS DARLS!!!..appreciate so much..
apart frm dat she ask me 2 go doc..but i insisted..
den she ask me to take a rest..
coz im sick anythg might happen..
thxs her..aloads..aft dat i say okie..loves her aloads sweet dream 2 her..
den onli i log off coz my stomach GROOOCHING! euuu..!haiz..
neva been eating+not feeling well+euu+i hate it so much..
btw wanna thxs my DARLS SHA VOXXIE..fer helping me OWES HER ONE AITES =)..
weee..GILER!! loves u aloads kk..tc..dats all fer dat day weeee!

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

pitterflutteroway at
4:35 AM wif

[x]Tuesday, September 06, 2005[x]
[* thxs fer everythg..! appreciate it so much.. *]

hey hey..here m i again..well i gt smethg 2 say..
well..here it goes..

da ferst day i get 2 knw u..on 5 dec 2003,,
i actually cried..hmm due 2 a remembrance of my lil bro..
well he actually was so shocked dat..da ferst day of toking on da phne i actually cried..
well..thxs at least i have some1 2 tok to..or to share somethg..
thxs okie..again?yesh..coz why i do appreciate u so much..
u realli a nice guy..whu makes me heppi..haiz..
well..now me and him already 1yr+9months+1day..
thxs.. appreciate so much..da heppiness..
da sadness..da anniversary..ur laughter..ur jokes..and almost everythg
i appreciate..thxs so much..
mayb we don belong 2getha..
im there not to make u heppi..but makes u feel boring adt 1yr+9months+1 day..
well while im typing dis my tears..roll down..and juz keep on flowing down,, haiz
da ups and downs+over a small matter+a misunderstanding = i juz remember all da past..
hmm..now mayb i doesnt suit u..sorie fer da heartaches..
i do loves u..yesh i do appreciate..
do u love me a reasons?
let da reasons be love?
do we belong 2getha?..
well sorry fer heart pain..mayb u neva tell me b4..u are juz plainly stubborn..
doesnt want 2 tell me if ya angry wif me..
yesh im also stubborn..
y cant u understand..
da word u said 2 me..is like we doesnt worth been togetha aft 1yr plus,,
nuthing growing up...well (b) i kept wateva werd u say..i do ok..u mean all dis while aft 1yr plus u haf aloads of ppl 2 entertain..?
wat a bout da 1 yr+8 month..?am i forcing u..? y dont u do dat since da day i knw u..
why must u hurt me?y now?hmm thxs okie fer hurting me..?
well mayb i do hurt u..im sorie dearie..
well is dis our end of da road?
mayb it is..
14.05 u said dis= well one more thg u said 2 me..if i wanna call u den call..u mean all da while u been calling me is like wasting ure tyme..wasting ur bills.wasting ur house bill?
wats dis all about?
means if u wanna call me den u call..?haiz..
laz tyme u aint like dat..
is okie i knw da more i type da tears cant stop rolling out of my eyes..

if ya reading diz:
thxs fer helping me..thxs fer loving me..thxs fer everything..i do appreciate all diz..
may b u deserve a betta person..haiz..thxs fer been caring abt me..u are 2 kind..thxs so much,..
one more thg i do hearts u SYAHRUDIN
tears juz cant stop rolling..HAIZ!!!

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

pitterflutteroway at
3:20 PM wif

[x]Saturday, September 03, 2005[x]
[* n0t @ hme+feast+b|zy+no.tyme *]

kkz ferst of all..ppl...
now im aint @ hme?
ryte..still @ my uncle hse..
updating blog..! yeahh ryte..
hmm i onli update 2 day..which @ hme..
s0ri ppl..kinda bizy and some more gt feast @ hme..
is dat ryte feast?hmm yeah..
wee..my cuzzies all @ my uncle house..
hmm wahh kinda kecohrable..
lotsa and loads of ppl..
like my uncles and aunties..
my m0msie+my shista..+my beloved grandparents..
hmm kinda loves dem all..
well..not 2 update so muchie..
hmm gt some prayers @ hme..due 2 my cuzzy edry..
new born lil baby haf his circumstances..
is dat ryte? sunat?
hahahhaha..! mcm betul jek..
well ppl gtg now..taking care and lotsa loves..

inabaybe, will update soon =)

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

pitterflutteroway at
7:15 PM wif

[x]Thursday, September 01, 2005[x]
[* update =) yesh i will *]

si sha voxxie suruh orang update...die tush pandai spot org tau padehal dier tu giler tak update gak..giler i knw u b reading diz lol..!grrr

haha..neva update?ya lar..
kinda lazy?yeapz..
all da way at hme..
well im fasting?
fasting fer..
sunat puasa?yarr 27 rejab..
hmm yeah..hmm neva wake up fer sahor..
hmm frm yest 7 eating noodles till da next 7 oclock den eat rice..
hmm aft a few daze tak makan nasi..lol..
well edited some pic aites..!
hmm cannot showw yet hafen resize uh sorie

hahahs..look at it aites... *winks*
den tokk to baby..
hmm aww pity hmm muz sleep..tired..
frm morning till now keje onli..
hugs baby!>.hearts u okie..

kk gotta go sleep
2molo sch..if not get scolding frm hahha abs..
hm my dear syz..sorie k now i update..

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

pitterflutteroway at
11:54 PM wif

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