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[x]Wednesday, March 30, 2005[x]
[* im still on mcc..hahas *]

aww..da doct gave me 2daze mc..hahas..hmm wah sey so lucky..can rezt
hmm instead resting..i need to go and buy things at coldstorage..
things such as fruits in tins.foils.tidbits..hahas..lolx..hmm alot of things also lar..hmm
den aft shoppink..hmm i went to have a rest wif my sis..hmm leypak wif mai members at werk.wah sey..belanjer banyak u knw..hmm..lolx..hmm kwang3.. hmm den i have to send something to hv..hmm coz da stupid ceo cummin so they have no products otw reaching there hmm..coz i also wanna go buy makan..hmm i bought chicken fer my sis and myself too..hmm wat a happy dae..hmm hugz..dats all i need to update..tomolo also im not going to school ahhh huh///...hmm happily buying things fer da up cumming events on dis saturday..

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

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[x]Tuesday, March 29, 2005[x]
[* s|ck s|ck s|ck..uh..ewww.. *]

well im not feeling well fer da past few daze/
here i am suppose to go to sch but i neva../
how to go if im sick?
hmm..but if im sick?i still go to werk..dats da worst part of me..
hmm 2day my mum accompany me to clinic..hmm i mean i have to go ferst,,
she will come layta..how lovely she is..hugs.muackies//
hmm she at da same tyme accompany my grandfather to the polyclicnic wif my grandma../
hmm so i have to go out layta uh..hmm awww..
hmm i left da house abt 9.40 haha suppose i have to meet dem 9.30 instead..kwang3/
im actually sick fer da past few days and onli 2day im going../
sick i am..down wif flu and high fever..and a bad sore throat..ewww..
after visiting da clinic..im suppose to take medicine ..so my i cant take it wif an empty stomach../
hmm so i ate appom and my mum ate laksa..yum yummy!..
hahakz..hmm incoincidence[sp] hmm met up wif my auntie,,hmm..aww..hmm telling her
dat im celebrating my bdae dis saturdat 02-04 hmm ouhh! she couldnt make it.hmmph..wah she gave me hong bao..hugs..hmm i ask her to ask her daughter nad if she are going..hmm she say insyaallah..aww..hugs..lolx..hmm coz she got syf training uh..cannot confirm..so there she goes..!
hmm i need to buy paperplates//papercups and etc..till we meet again hugs//muackies
miss vO[g]ue,

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[x]Sunday, March 13, 2005[x]
[* heppi bdae to my brader+mylilcuzzy.. *]

hahakz long tyme neva update hor!..
heheh sorie uh comp down and i also bizy..
hmm..heppi bdae to my big bro zul! hugs..muacks..hehe
lurffe him alots..sometymes i do hate him..
his attitude lyke cheebye..kwang!kwang!kwang!..
hmmm oops sorie uh scold him..but now his okie!..
hmm juz wishing him a 21th bdae hugs n kisses..muacks...
hmm taking care..hmm and my lil cuttie pie cuzzy..hahakz..so adorable..hehhe
hmm juz taking care may god bring ya da rite way..!

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

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[x]Saturday, March 12, 2005[x]
[* b|zy all day.. *]

hello once again.ahacks..love u all guys missing ya all badly..
first of all, i neva been update fer a long time..hmm
sorie again..
been bizy lar u knw guys..im schling plus im werking..erks..wee
hmm sorie..nuthing much to update actually..hmm wah sey juz wanna say..
dat i juz change into new hp..hahah my dearest 7610,,ahacks
hmm b4 da hp i bought which is 7610 im having da 6260..wow
missing da 6260 hahah,,!! BUT only me da one whu gattals wanna change,,
haha..! missing u all badly..muacks..m i crazy?
been saying dis over and over..now
im stopping blogging fer da moments..hehe..muacks.
don b upsad..hmm kaez..i be back when mai comp ok n everythin all okayz
hmm mai comp having problems..hmm thought makin of new layout fer mai self..make mai own hor..heheh
hmm relaks takes tyme fer me..hugs**well thankiew every1,, till i meet u all again..hugs and kisses...
e dancer,

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

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