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[x]Tuesday, August 31, 2004[x]
[* Gosh..teaCHeR;s day celebration *]

la la la ohh wee..muz go sch early..wek wek wek..teacher's day celebration..muz go for assembly some more..hmm i reach school latex wahahha..coz i came out frm da house alreadyx wat tyme hmmm but luckily its a lucky day teacher never scold me and ma fwenx wa kwangkwang,,hmm 2day ma sch end up at 10.30 hmm me got games to carry out in sch which is da tug-of-war..hmm la la la ohh weee..hmm play against da student and teacher...who's da winner..who?? my class lah wakaakakkak...hmm didnt thought dat we will win..hmm the teacher's also strong wah...congrats to teacher..hmm we got da prize hmm... :) hmm after da game we took photo of the grp...awww wat a fierce hahakz..!! hmm we sitz ard and wait for prize persentation ...ohhh weee...so happy enuff... hmm den take photo again...den go ma old school and eat lunch wif dem hmm den afternoon go work until at nite...ouh kaez dats all folk

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[x]Sunday, August 29, 2004[x]
[* siaNz *]

HaiYa BeeNz aLOnG Tyme NevEr updatEz hmm 2day given me a chance to updatex heehehe....fer along tyme only now y??? ppl wondering issit..haiya becoz becoz becoz .....hmmm..let me think..hehhe i lyke wat only hahakz k lahz tell u all guyz now im doing a grp porjects wif ma fwenz hmm got a bit misunderstanding and stuff lyke dat some more im werking babe...hehhe Plz UnDErstanding haiya...understand lah abit hmm some more ma comp spoil haiya durh`` heehehehz...alamakz...iM WerKiNg sia todayz hmmm haiz so tired hmm nvm get money den can spend spend wahahha...happy jekz smlm lagik ambek gmbr ahakz ape lagik pose..hehe strike ur pose hmmm dats all i wanna say...next tyme can take photo wif me :)..butnevermind b happy alwayz kaez hmm u guyz some other tyme do tags me if any queries fer those who know ma number call me ok go!!!! bYe muaCkz n hUgz...or PeluK CiUM ,,,sLuRpzzZz :p

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[x]Saturday, August 07, 2004[x]

wo wo wow hmm 2day all ma cuzzin at ma house wo weee hmm 2day btw we are celebrating ma grandpa bdae..hmmm dis is juz a surprise fer him..hmm he didnt know dat 2day alot of ppl cuming hmm i mean his daughters..sons..and grandchildren,,aww gonna b noisy hmm conferm so noisy in da house ahakx..all make so much noise...hmm but 2day i got plan 2do haiz hmm is going out ma fwen..hmm ahakz ma sch close fwenz hmm adha n shahidah aww..ahaks..so happy but ferst b4 we go our places dat we wanna go muz go her granny house lahz..hmm send smething..den after dat we proceed to marsiling hmm haiyaz hmm aiseyman bedah..tempat kontol hmm 2bad muz go arh hmm change maoney coz ma fwen mom and her wanna go jb 2molo morning erkz..hmm 2bad go lahz..me have 2 werk wahz muz earn money lor..wakaka..da place so far..we have to travel by bus..hmm nevermind we have to..Den only we go town ahakz biase ar kiter tak abis abis town town town wakakka,,hmm we go walk walk go and check it out things dat i wanna buy hmm maklum lah dapat pay wakkaka happy sey..den after dat i go eat ar wahahhaha..den me go and buy the perfume..wahhaha fragance sia nicey nicey..hmmm i bought it yeah!! hmm den i saw dis von dutch bag wooooo..hmm pink some more very da nice aww...hehe i bought it again wahahha..spend always ar me ahakz..so happy hmm..den after dat take photo aww..wat a post...ahakx happy enough go out juz da three us..ahaks hmm den we walk walk wif ma fwens..go heeren aww hmm cute ar kiter kanz...den after dat go home..aww...happy siak 2day..the only thingz dat im sad is juz dat i cant get celebrate ma grandfather bdae...haix

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[x]Wednesday, August 04, 2004[x]
[* WaSsup WaSSup WaSSaBi *]

Hie Peepz PpL ReaDiNg ma BlogGies issItz haiya...me is okie lor read read hmm juz been bz sometymes..cannot updatex hmm bz wif school haiya now got project hmm wah tag team wif ma bro,,hmmm..haiya 2day finish school at 5pm hmm me and zam all the way...hmm janggut never come ar..hmm boringz....hmm lunch tyme hmm we eat 2gether wif punitha hmm veera and chris plus ma bro haiya 4get...hahaks..hmm wat lunch 2gether kiwaklat kecoh siak...eat wif dem on the way disturb ppl ar...(puvan) wahahhahha..kecoh habis...almost everyday i disturb him hmmm no werk 2do disturb ppl dats ma hobby i loike wahhaha,,hmm den aft schz hmm we have to home early hmm wanna go jamming...wahahha bez 2 hours ar..playing all da wayz..hmm wohoo..im gonna b vocalist fer da dayz aww i sang da song Gsf and all da small things hehhe..happy..but da boring part when our drummer play stop stop lahz haiya...hmm his hand got blister haiya ask him 2 wear the durian gloves...!!!erkz.....wohooo...happy sia 2day den aft dat we go makan...aww i ate chao kway tiao ahaks...sedap sey...nicey happy da wayz...hmm but nevermind next tyme can jam again aww...HapPy enOuGh oKie Go..Joe BaSko

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[x]Tuesday, August 03, 2004[x]
[* Bz TaLkInG On da PhNe *]

haiyoz hmm talk 2 din ar si janggut heheh...bobal kuniq sia,,hmm kiter sorts things out arh (jgn fikir lain okayx) aku kawan jek ngan dier..hmmm nice caring guy..we talk abt every1 in da sch and abt me and him..hmm again dont thing nonsense well he already have 1..aww hmm haix sad 2 hear abt our fwens attitude has change alot espicially mat and said..said da 1 lyke mutherfuckerz wahahha,,,attitude sucks to da core ppl says abt him is dat (GiLeR NoNoK LuPeKan MeMberz) ahahha...serve him rite...wahahahha...thankz alot 2 din he is a great pal i had hmm treating him as ma bro...close pal..hmmm and thanks alot 2 ma another broz hmm ihzham hmm appreciate dem so much awww...so caring and understanding,,,,muackz n hugz datz all fer da dayz

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[x]Monday, August 02, 2004[x]
[* mondayz BluesShh *]

HmMz Haiyaz MoNdAy BlUeS HahAkz hMmz As UsUAl BaCk To ScHz wakAKka,,,Hmm 2Dayz MoNday BlUe ZOnE IS DaMn CoLd HmMz i DoNnOe WhY ANd I dOnN WaNNa KnoW,,ErKZ aCtIoN..DaMn.GoiNg to sCh eaRly thE sUndayZ I sLept Quite LaTe Hmm dEn have tO waKe up eArLy to Go sCh HMmM haiya at LasT i wErK Up AbIt laTeR..Den gO sChoOL hMm GoiNg ScH LaTex..HmMmz..Den i sEe Da teacher In ChaRge ask we aLL to Go Gym aR..wah FersT tyme in Ma iTe Lyfe I Go GyM wakKKaka,,,HaPPy sia..Hmm gETTing to do aLL Da StUfF..ahakZ den after Pe We gO FeR a ShOrt bReak Which is about 20 mins hMmZ dEn HaVe tO next class,,,wHicH soMething Lyke COmMuNicatIoN skILLz whiCh CoNdUcts By Mr Chew Ahakz as usual He WiLl Gif Us WerK to dO..Den We been gIvEn aSSigNment To do anD to Hand Up to him... afTeR Dat OnLy i can gO BreAK wahzzz we Walkz so slOw LyKe a TorTise ahakz coz ma bez fwen JanGgut Got sTitcHes ahaKz pitY hiM Hmm tryInG askIng GoH PeRMissION to Go HoMe,,AHaKzv He DoNt leT i Muz Go claSs waKakka,,hmm os End uP I stAY uP to 3.00Pm ahAkz den we took Buz hmm ahakz wohoo gOiNg hmE arh so laTex Hmmz TiReD AnD sLeePy hmm sOmeMorE Dey waNNa go FeRst CaBiN I DoNNOe FeR WaT..DuHx..hmm WoHooo.aNgeR Come aLReaDYx ahakz all de waY I slaCk aND I slAp in da trAiN hmm wahz Piangz Damn tiRed..hmm UntIl aT YewTee i WaKE Up AhakZ den asleep againz lyke ma house lYKe DaT WaKKaka..Den ReaCh hOme aRd 4PluSs,,Den Lah 5++ i sleep agAinz wah damn tired coz a few dayz i never sleep properly..hMm WaHx dEn waKE LaTe evenInG HmmZ ThOuGht waNNa FeTcH Ma CuZZIn Bro Frm Ma AuNtIe Wahaha mIss HiM so mUcHy..**MuaCkZ**HmMz dEN AfTEr Wake up tHouGhT wanNa FeTcH him auNtIe SaYz He`s aSlEep oUHhh haix..dEn NeVrmiNd hMm Den at NiTe TaLk tO janGgUt sORts thInGz OuT wiF Him kecoH aLL wiF Him.. He's ma bez fweN hMmz HaPpiLy taLkx aWw aPrreCiaTe ArH..ThaNkz alOT PaLx ...

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