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[x]Friday, December 31, 2004[x]
[* countdown fer 2005... *]

wah such a great new dat dat awake me..hmm muacks everbodi..wah seh today at werk stock count..da shop its lyke a bit bzy..hmm cannot count where's mai shop got two manager count stock..aww so damn fweaking bzy..den always we do pre close so dat we can relak..no need to do much things dat 2day..mai manager need to report stocks..hmm so we be late..and some more 2day countdown its lyke w0w!!.. wee...happy sia 2day..around 8pluss we almost finish wif all dah thingy due to countdown hahha..no lah we all about to finish..den mai manager ask me to accompany me to cold storage so dat we can buy food to eat.. yummy..me lyke a bit full..hmm cannot fit in already..well..hmm juz buy dome food..we bought fries..hmm we bought prawn cutlet..wow yummy..im very da fussy u know..buy food muz have da halal sign..hmm even mai manager says if she buy food must see whether is okie fer me..lolx..hehe she loves me..aww IM LOVING HER TOOO!!!DONT JELEZ AITEs.. hmm she rawks mai werld..she's da bez manager i eva seen..now she is so closed to me..hmm we do shared problems..weee..tell u guys im juz loving her so much..hmm she's da bez..dont think dat im a les okayx..im not...hmm she juz concern about me more..! hmm den aft dat we do closing it takes us about few minutes to close..i donnoe y today veri da fast..wee..muacks..hmm juz loving mai fwens...they surrounds mai life..hmm.. den we finish everything,,hmm.. i cooked fries..hmm i mean baked.hehe diet oh mano... hehe hmm den da rez of mai fwens go and buy chickens..HALAL one again..hmm dey are not fussy..but i am okays..hmm den mai fwen called me toking about going countdown at downtown..hmm chatted wif her..den its lyke..wow..2molo she's werking in da morning..but yet wanna go..wahahha..notti her....juz dat she wanna go but her mum..angry..weee..urgh boring!!..hmm she ;s mai another syzter dat i love tooo..da other want ask we all to go fishing at changi..den its lylke wow far..denn da plan ruined..den mai fwen da other one at town celebrating diz year wif her bf at town wif powe 98 ppl..den 5 mins to time up..hmm juz relaks..and chill..hehhe..we prepared all da food..i went to buy drinks..hmm vanilla coke again..mai fav i loike..den we have nuthin no radio..well decided to borrow mai mem earpiece and fix it to mind..and juz connects it to power 98..da ppl say its 45sec to countdown..
We count its lyke veri fast..wow how sia..den we count finish..they still have 30 secs..wow..den we waited..hmm 10 sec..hmm i shouted woooooooo... hmm wat scolding me? NO ITS MAI NEW YEAR A FRESH..WATEVA PAST IS PAST..NO BRINGING DEM FORWARD..DURH`.. juz being happy..den cuming up HAPPY NEW YEAR SINGAPORE ITS A NEW MILLENIUM START AFRESH..ALL OF US STANDING UP AND SHAKE HANDS WIF EACH OTHER...AWW THEY ARE RAWKING MAI WERLD..WEEE.... hmm den we ate alot of food..got noodles..hmm happy sia..den got fries..da fries so hard..den got chickens..hmm wah seh got cutlet..hmm happy diz year..well enuff..hmm den i on music..we dance all day long..hmm wee...im happy..aww... den we chatted here and there until 2 pluss and we went off..oOh wee..all of us we werking in 2molo..juz happy two-three werking morning and da rez afternoon lyke me and mai beloved manager + mai fwen..hehhe all were veri da happy..lets rawks diz 2005 year..hope no sadness..and all da way be happy EVRYBODY,,muacks n hugs till meet ya all again!!!

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

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[x]Wednesday, December 29, 2004[x]
[* happy bdae nordeen!! my bro..oOh weE nJoy *]

hmm wo wo wow!! mai bro 18th bdae..hmm wow such a great day well we were all planning to go east coast..hmm so we were preparing things such as food.. 2 go there..weee..Happy!!..but
mai grandma nagged at me..hmm she was so scared to let me go..coz about da tsunami... !!!
hmm weee...i juz talk to her and i told her dat i'll be not swimming juz cycling..hmm den at lazz she let me goes..juz loves her..HoW concern to me!!!!..muacks her.. juz happy uh...so layter can take pic...hmm actually adha delayed da tyme we suppose to meet at 12.30but there is some problem wif her and her mum..always lyke dat...her mum causes diz ti happen..hmm actually before da day come she already informed her mum dat she be going to east coast but her mum still shouted at her..dey fought..kwang3..hmm pity mai syz..hmm so i called her..askin her to chill..don be angry..den at laz her mum let her go by permission of her dad..wow LOVES HER DAD..dats da way uncle rawks mai werld...=x hmm den and her mum dont wanna wrap up da present fer us..instead i ask her to cum to mai house..and we juz anihow wrap..
UpOn going her mum decided to wrap fer her..aww dats rawks tooo..wee at laz someone pro wrapping fer us..yipee..we are late..den we quickly went to da bustop and see dem..all dem were waiting der so long espicially da bdae boy..hahha..lolx..pwincess cuming hahha..well da shocked thingy is dat mai another syz is not wearing TUDUNG?? y!! i was so shocked..hmph!! *me WONDERS..???!!!..hmm neva mind den 196 came and we took it wah seh man,,we are da ferst group to take..dats great well..de we took some pic inside da bus..aww pweetty nice..hmm..den it takes us around 30-45 mins to reached..!
aRound 3.30 we reached..den we walked underpass..den and der we go reaching da place..and we find place near to da sea..aww cool man..hmm..ferst thing reached we ate so hungry ate sausage and shared noodles wif mai syz..aww..weee..hmm den we cut da cakes..and gave our present by 4 of us..adha hyrul me and ila..aww great da present being wrapped a crocodile shape..wah seh pwettyy cool..thx to adha mum..thx so much..den we saboh him uh..wait wat..hmm nuthing much to saboh..juz eggs..hmm all done y hyrul coz its beginning i dont wanna dirty mai clothes..hmm den we rent a bike..and being offerrs..hmm one hr get one hr free..i thl year end promotions lolx..wee cycles..
aFter a long tyme neva cycles..hmm i feels lyke vommiting..eee urgh!! dirty man..kwang3..wee..den we rez a while and go change da place dat we are seating..after eating and drinking..there is a lot of bee..at our foood and drinks..notti bees..argh!!!..din and hyrul swims..and we cycles ..wow da chickas...seyyyy!!!..hmph..den on the way we find another cleaner place den dat...we brings things there..we saty up to after maghrib..during dat period we sits down and become story teller..toking about stories happening to each one of us..aww ...there;s a shocked..on all da stories..we enjoyed ourselves..we sang each other..and we listens to rnb+hiphop+reggae..wee nice ..on listening we played uno..da ferst game i won..ferst aww losers..action uh nie..hehhe..no lah den we played a few games..hmph!!.,.den we decided to pcked and haf our dinner..hmm tot of eating lite wif all of dem...den we ate macdonald..hmm all shared i mean its lyke quiet full..hmmm..weee really enjoy..hmm mai bro and syz thx so much fer ya concern,,muacks and hugz..hmm.. and we go home happily..!! weeeee

On da same day aft alighting at mai hme..decided dat we dont wanna go hme ferst juz wanna chill and talk..so we arent ready to go hme..we find a place to sit and chitchats..hmm mai bro stories me about mai syz ila..and his lifes + lifes in sch..aww amazing..and we chatted alot of things dat happen..i mean da pazz it really sucks..HMPH!!!okaez dats all fer da day and once again happy 18th bdae mai bro..dont action kaez saying u are 18 juz onlie one day and u are so happy..ppl months are happy u onlie happy jump up fer joy aww...muacks..taking care...till i meet ya all again

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

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[x]Saturday, December 25, 2004[x]
[* merry christmas everybodi *]

eeeehhh..ewlo everybodi..hoho..christmas fun tymes..hmm now fer excitement..happy ryte?..so fast mai year end as fer ite..and growing up fast..hhehe..kwang3...hmm now christmas..santa clause is cummin to rawk mai werld..and go on..ohh yey!! hell yah!!..hehhe bz now at werks..veri da bz at werk..celebratin and serving customer on christmas and some more double pay where can cannot werk..no tyme..do blog or update..tired uh diz sch holidays..instead resting im werking earn monet at least money little fer me still can support me mah..kwang3..hhhehe happy uh werking at mai palace,,hhehe enjoying man ,,,taking photo here and der..happy sia..oOh wee thx so muchies..till we meet again..haiz..muacks n hugx taking care everybodi anythk call me or msg or tag me lah..kaez oOh weee...missing everybodi

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

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[x]Wednesday, December 08, 2004[x]
[* happy bdae ila..great ebjoyment and excitement *]

hahhaa..happy bdae to mai dearest syz..hmm enjoying wif her uh..hhehe ferst decided to sabohtage her uh..kwang3..hmm but da plan donnoe can werk,,pray to god hope its werks..hhaha at laz it werks by asking din not to cum wif us i mean when we gop out..so dat he can prepare da things..hmmmm...erm...euuuuu...disgusting acting..hmm den we went out uh..hmm ferst she come mai house as usual surfing in da internet and signing up fer her anakmelayu..hmm same lah as me..oohh weee..hmm den..happy enuff..smiles..hehhe den havent ready until 3pluss-4pluss until adha our another syz gettin off frm werk..erms..hehhe..den we onlie go out frm mai house around 5pluss hmm gettin late..den we juz go ah den wanna cancel NO WAYS...happy enuff den we juz go on..b4 dat go and search fer mai zouk flavas cd which i wanted to buy..kwang3...hmm happy all da way den go meet up adha near da swensen der,,hmm den proceed to fareast and eating at cahaya restaurants i thk so..hmm damn hungry..den proceed down to neo pixs..den wat take picx ah two tymes some more..paid buy me da 2nd one..hmm not onlie dat we go use hp to take our pix..hmm formal and funshots weee..muacks..hmm den abt 8pluss we delayed hmm i juz have to lie dats all..if not plan spoiled..den we wanna go hme so we follow her..saying dat gonna wif adha to tanglin to accompany me to da specs shop hmm to check somethin fer mai aunt...urghh is a lie..hehhe..2bad haf to do dat if not..hmm den da shop is close den we walk to her block..den i say is no gd to buih ppl.as dat refering to her some1 is waiting fer her at da void deck at another block buying ya bdae cake...hhehhe..funny...da plan almost spoiled..hhehe becoz of me.kwang3..hmm den she say dont bluff and she wanna go hme so she refused so me and adha is pulling her..kekkeke..lyke dog lyke dat..kwang3..damn da block so far frm her house farks,,nvm cont..we waited fer din at da void deck den we sit down action lyke we knw one gal is mai bezfwen..den waiting frm da side to kena saboh..hahhaha..den frm side din and izham come to saboh her..hahhahaha...hmm wow i also did saboh her..den wif eggs eueee...disgustin happy already den cut cake..and i feed her she feed me..aww loving sia..den we da balance we saboh each other..it was a happy dae aft all..took pic together..and..looking ferwerd fer upcuming saboh which is din hahha diee uh him..and da worst of diz is dat mai watch lost fer 2day haiz..pity mai watch farkss.s...kissing muacks..buy again

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

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[x]Monday, December 06, 2004[x]
[* erKs..LoNg tyMee NeBa UpdaTe,, *]

HeLLooO everibodi..longg tymEee i NeBaa updated..uh!!..hmm no tyme oohh..diz december..mai scHedUEeE BeRi da TiGht..sHore,,hmph celebrate mai FwENx bdae den hmm den GoOo holiday uh..durh`...haha..lolx..haPPy enuff..hmm no tymo to update hor...durh`..hmm bz all da way..hmph!!..happy?..go holiday..hmm..go shopping..buy thingxx..hmm..den relaxing... go my aunt's wedding..swimming..sleeping...isnt it tighT..hahe..happy n gd luck fer me.HaHa..oHhh wEee..nakmo jelez pls..juz missing some one haha...and of course its him..oooOh wEeE...muacks n hugz n slurps

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

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