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[x]Thursday, April 29, 2004[x]

HaiYa!! so Bored MaN Ma Life hmm durhh!! i always sick sia...i donnoe wat will happen to me in future.. died soon cannot stand so long!! Hmm Ma Life sucks..hmm well go n meet ma both syz ila n ikin,,awww,,decided to meet dem at cck ar..ape lagik kan..belajar ar 2gether gether..den b4 meeting dem..we frm yishun ar..aft finish sch..take train 2gether 2gether wif john arh kecoh siak..hmm naz tgk aku semacam aku buat bodoh siak...hmph!! si john nak borrow discman arh..den i pinjam die ah..hmph!hmm dah nak sampai cck..hmph die kasi balik die kater die nak pinjam disc i say cannot ah..die mcm main main ar..geram ah...i scared to pinjam him later he never return..hmph in ma heart kasi die pinjam je ah,,haiz..hmph nasib abik disc bukan nye ape...haiz boring arh pinjam die lagu techno..hmmm den i kate esok kasi alik ah die kate okie!!...tahu nye die nye okie tak antar alik..boring siak dengar gituk mcm..skali betul ar,,,die tak dtg hari nie,,haiz..fuck sia..buay!!!nvm ah...bastard guy..den aft alight mrt meet ma syz at cck ctrl station arh ape lagik kan..den pi jalan jalan pi lot 1 biase jugak..beli bende lepas tu lek lek pi blajar arh!! hmm ajar ma syz ila maths..hmm..den happy happy chattin kacau org ar den makan chocolate..alahaiz nakmo jeles plzz..hahahha...den balik ar bodoh!!

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[x]Wednesday, April 21, 2004[x]

hmmm Peh BiNgIt siak..niari kejap aku sotz siakz..belit belit siak..hmm lagik niari i nvr go sch..hmm 2day muz go ang mo kio follow ma fwen mat 2 take keys frm his aunt..but b4 dat i go 2 ma old sch 2 pass back ma fwen radio..hmm sway siak...i saw ma disipline master..den he approached to me..and ask me wheres ma sticker..in ma heart i lyke angry....chao chee bye dm...i didnt know dat go in muz have appoved by fucking office ppl!!!hmm i juz waiting fer renfred 2 come den i pass him d thingy dat went off lor..haiz we took back e same cab and proceed to our next journey which is at ang mo kio...but i and ma fwen mat alight at redhill and we go to ang mo kio to meet his aunt lah wat else well we take keys frm her aunt..aww den lek lek aft dat his aunt talk abt ma fwen family..haiz so saddy sia..its e same as ma probz dat i face..haiz..sobz* sob* aft dat i and him proced to junction 8 which at bishan hmm walk walk lah wat else..hahakz..den waiting fer ma syz to reply..awww den aft dat ma syz tell me tyme change to 3.15..haizxxx...boring sia i heard...den i tell mat we go later ah make her angry hmm we abt 3.00 we proceed den aft dat i thought we are late...hmm but actually they are late..we waited at bugis wif ain hmmz haiz...boring sia they come late..at abt 4.00...den onlie they come..i sotz already den some more they can walk onli without noticing we are at there..hmmz...i bingit fer a while..me and ain walk walk together gether..and we leave dem alone.den suddenly when i buy new housing fer ma fone hmph!! ma syz call ler..haiz i say dont pick up...durh` rabakz siak aku marah sampai mcm giktu well asal lak aku tak ley marah gituk mcm sotz jek aku..mcm sial...hmmph den kiter jumpe dorang kat bugis junction..durh...i say ah where u all wanna go??den ain nak alik ar die nak pi ambek gaji dah mcm buay hahahha!! betul pe die pegi stakat nak jumpe jap den pi ambek gaji like fuckerdome,,die kater attitude dorang mcm gituk ape lak tak bikin die balik...well in actual fact i also angry lah sia..den i say i 'dah lah i wanna go home...SOTZ SOTZ SOTz!!! den dorang ckp ah ape nie bdae ila mcm ginik..takkan nak marah sampai mcm gituk! grrr x_X haizzz..hmm den suddenly ila sound dah lah smua balik..her tears start flowing den i say dah lah nakmo nangis!! jom kiter jln jln kaez i hugz her n kiss her on her cheek aww!!! bukan lesbo okie...ini syz kesygan jgn kacau!!! hmph den we okie already...we walk walk arh!!! happy siakz,...takde bingit bingit lagik!!

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[x]Monday, April 19, 2004[x]

aLamak~~~...still wondering where 2 get d mickey mouse thingy fer ma sYz..awww die die she wanna dat thk...haizz....donnoe sia where 2 get...i remember she said dat dat thingy is fer hugging at nite..hmm so cute of her...sumoree 2day have to meet ma syz ikin 2 go N buy d thingy...cari mesti carik nye terpakse..kate syz paling terapat skrg siak...hmmm...but happy 2 find ah..at dat tyme ma syz boy follow us 2 go n buy den suddenly her boy say if its to hard to find d present we go n buy at disneyland den all laff..wakakak...hmm i continue ah hmmm...'thk funny ekh'?? wakakak...hmm den i decide to go jurong point and find @ toys`r us hmmm mayb at dere have,,,hmm we walk ard there nuthing we find..hmm den we donnoe liao where 2 buy decided 2 walk walk ard and find..we decide to go up escalator to 3rd floor and find d thingy hmmm we walk walk suddenly i saw there's a shop sells all e cartoon character..hmmwe decided 2 buy at there wo weee..at last we find d thingy happy siak...gettin ready to gif her...conferm she happy den i decided 2 buy cards and wrote somethin on it..adter dat we go makan awww...so happy siax!!cCb...

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[x]Thursday, April 15, 2004[x]
[* tot tot bdae *]

awww...2day ma cuzzin bdae,,ma syz bdae..hehhe..2day thought of planning 2 buy fer present n meet dem later...hahha make her angry..awww...so we did it... i finish sch at 2.30 hmm meet ma cuzzin at mrt.. i change ma clothes and go 2gether to town..awww...den we go far east and buy e present lahz..hmmmm happy siak..den at abt 3.30-4.00 ma fwen keep on msging me and scolding me...he keep on asking me where m i say..he said dat ma syz..wanna go hme due dat we are late..wakaka..actually we purposely lor..hahahakz..den i scold him back sia..i sound back u nvr scold den shuddup ah chee bye..hehe abt 4.00 pluss den we proceed on 2 hmv and see ma syz..hahha MUke BiNgit siak!!hmm i give a huggies..hmm i acted dat i nvr gif her..d give dat i bought fer her is nice...dat was choose by me n ma cuzzin (syz)...we intend to gif her later..aww...cutez...hehehehe..hmm smua muke dah bingit siak..den we walk walk n go n eat lor..den later planning to tak photo aww..cutez..hmmm... hmm we hug hug action kiss kiss..hehhe..so happy sia on dat day..syz 4 life

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[x]Sunday, April 04, 2004[x]
[* My BdAEeEe OhHh wEeeEeee *]

hMm HaPPy BdaE aH GerL..Hehe My bdaE..Hmmz. i tak happy siak..haizz...but i gOt MaNy Many PreSenT aLL Frm ma FwenZa..awww...Cute RIte..Hmmmzi TooK so maNY Many pIC..pic kena sabohtage bye ma cuzzin n fwenz..hmmm..sia..Haiz..heheh so HapPy..aww..On TaT DaY I gOt abIt No mooD..haha..i did not celebrate on 4 april which is ma bdae hahakz..i celebrate on 3rd april..den all ma fwenz come at nite n eat so many many sia,,wakaka..so happy..ToOk aLoT Of Pics Wif Ma Syz..WHich we had d same bdae on e dame month but only diFf Datez..hahe...We RIde BiCyCle..aLL Tat..wow abt 2hrs..aww..so cute of us..SO LoVInG..Love Ma SyZ MuChIEs MUChhIes..aww..Syzter 4 LiFe K..No maTTEr WaT haPPen I B deRe 4 U Okie...awww...hmmz pit kena kong kong by ma uncle ma cuzzin cannot go out wif me all..hahakz.,.,but eventhough like dat i still talk ah siak wakakka...ma uncle chee bye fuck him many many,,i hate him awww..kanina,,,

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[x]Saturday, April 03, 2004[x]
[* Da DaYzz I CelebRatE Ma BdAe *]

hmmm..i celebrated ma bdae 2day sia..hmm as fer me im not quite happy on ma bdae..dah mcm kong kong siak..tapi gerek ah ngan ma mum..ape ape nak buat boleh cuma ma auntie mcm siak ah..i hate dem really ah menyakitkan hati mcm chee byee...awww.....i REaLLy HaTEs deM...LiKe FUcKeRDOme...but ferstly when i reach EasT cOaSt Ma faCe LiKe dont lIke Ah..well even ma syzter lubly i dont bother to talk sia..like cheebye..i juz tell her dont misunderstand ah..i seriusly hate dem..espicially her mum..cannot click hahe!!..Even Her MuM asK her Y Ma Face like dat....den she answer back she donnoe..Haha Gd she nvr say..but if she say i also fuck care sia...hmm den abt 5 pluss i n ma syzter rend bicycles and cycle 2gether frm there we talk and close as pernormal..wakakka..so funny sia..den abt 7 ma bro and his galfren..came i didnt notice dat until he says ooH bdae gerl play onlie..hehhe..he bought me a present...his gerl gave it to me...i say thanks..i took picture wif dem hehhe,,,awww so cute sia...den ma frens call me and ask me wheres d chalet..stoopid of dem donnoe wheres d place..haizz..hahhaha...den me n ma syz go and take dem...hmmm...after dey came i took picture of dem...hmmmso happy wif dem and ma mum whu is sporting sia,,,muackz muackz lup ma mum dearie...hmmm..enjoy ma self..hmm another 30 mins is ma bdae..i suspect dey all (syz and ma close fren adha) wanna sabotage me...hmm but no so sure...i knew d 2 slice of cake is on e paper plate...i thought of throwing e slices of cake,,hmmm her mum said dont throw..no gd to waste food..hmmz den i say okie lor...den i sit a side..smilez at everybody!!NoT As HaPPy...on ma Bdae!!

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