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[x]Monday, May 30, 2005[x]
[* ouh da place is closing countin down~ *]

ewlo every1 hmm here m i fer update again?/
im so sad..dat da shop is lyke closing down..
i mean da place dat im werkin hmm//
y muz it closed?
reasons and ders lyke dey neva inform us//
i onli get to knw frm my old manager,,//
i mean she say i heard dat my place closing down soon ..//
my face change..erks..ouh NOO..!
hmm after da examinations hmm i started werking again//
den onli i heard frm my washing auntie..hearing dat 1 more daez..//
and da shop is close *sob* *sob*
after knwing alot ppl frm da place..knwing new colleagues..
and dats its..its closing..
y muz it b dat place..no other place izzit..
haiya..pity sia fer 1 yr plus we been werking..and haiz..

here we are 2day our laz dae..haiya..tears in my eyes roll down..
hmm we transfer in and out stock to other place..haiz..
hmm dey all lyke sad sia..hmm ppl in other place also was lyke shocking../
den we gonna stay fer fun at nite..
masterplan here wanna sabohtage managers,,
hahha!,,after werking we haf to clean up..we haf to throw some stuff..
we packing all da thgs..hmm den planning to lyke eat or smethin..
da pizzahut gave us pizza to eat yum! yum!
hmm den follow up planning to saboh me..hmm by action2 taking [pic!
hmmph..wah sey dey action2 hold up da drink and i hold up da bottle..hahas..!
den faster2 take da pic..haha *sob*sob
hmm dey all pore da whole water at me..fark up...
den i take da apple/j at da dustbin..and pore at my mem...hah!
den wah sey so sticky..den da plan as follow we saboh da baker..
wif our cleaning soaps..hmm den another manager wif water and ice on it
plus tomato juice..haha!..da rez all water kwang! kwang!
and its all hurts..kwang!'
heppi loving..den we take grp photo..
follow up all went back ard 3 haha taking cab hme..wooooo!!
great dae..

[heres fer jelita]
all da ups and down..i mean all da mistake dat i make
da fun da joys wif all my aunties and my baker and not fergetting my managers and my fwens
m happy dat we are such a great family! down here..thxs fer da understanding and i do appreciate aites
hmm we are one big family whereby we share probs,..we share everything..
thxs once again and i appreciate it.. Hugs and kisses..no matter whr we seperate we try to b together again by not easily b forgetten.. its da werd dat im trying to say is " together we stand up and build up.. if we fail to do so theres away to do it again.."

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

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[x]Sunday, May 29, 2005[x]
[* hah~! viva viva la dios!! lolx *]

hah! guess wat.. im werking heppily plus..im sad counting down!
haiz one more dae..i mean we are closing shop.huakz hiakz heakz!..haiz
sad! sad! sad! plus im going to a new department..den my bro came to da shop asking whether wanna eat pizza i mean his treating me ouh gosh..! wahsey!
so rich!..hmm got his pay yesterday..wahh
he bought fer his gerl rinng!! haha lyke dey married
hah! hmm den he bought brand new hp wif line..hah..
hmm den meet hm ard 6.15 hmm den we go up..well
inside der my fwen served me..hah!
hmm is ouh kay i knw dem..
heh!dey served us chix! pepsi and hawaiann lovers stuff crust!
den aft dat my bro ask me to buy pants
hmm yeah! we did buy pants and shirts..
hmm dat all fer 2day..
hmm da daze of heppiness wif my broz
jokes and fun wif him!

the heppiness,

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

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11:39 PM wif

[x]Saturday, May 21, 2005[x]
[* yeah! exams over..hmm now wat>? *]

hurray! haha..bloggink again,,euuu!! blueks
okay 2day got plan ley..hehe,,
meet my cuzzy at je hmm den wanna go interview @ jp..
hahas we went to jp..hmm but donnoe which shop uh..
lols stupid sia..
den we go makan..hmm ljs..we were making fun
luffin here and der,,hahe..
diz mat and sha² tak abis² fite fite..
kang aku kahwin kan
hmm heppily..den took twain go penin uh..
hmm sha² wanna go buy 2nd hand jeans,,hehe
hmm mat me and ikin was luffin abt her..lolx..gado sia dorang..!
me and ikin dah kekke..hmm
nuthink much,,but did cheer myself up..haiz..
dats all fer 2day..den all go back hme..
hmm well wanna haf sme rez hmm..
2molo werkin..takin care smua muacks..!
till i blog again..hugs!

the sadness pwincess.

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

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10:09 PM wif

[x]Wednesday, May 18, 2005[x]
[* study tyme! *]

okie ppl..ders go bloggink again..hehhehes..
2molo is my laz paper..hmm der i go njoy!.
hmm my cuzzy and mat came to my hse,,hmm we wanna go study 2gether..
hahas..hmm my cuzzy wanna study retail and me wanna study communication..!
she went to my house and wait fer me to change uh..!
hmm meeting da rez at abt 2 uh and go study 2gether,,
hmm instead 3 dey came at 3 plus..
still ouh kaez..we study at wdland civic uh..hmm study at mac..
coz i knw we cant study theory in library,,smemore not alone..
wif da kecohrable membz..lolx..espicially sha²..heee
mulut bangse donnoe hw 2 keep quiet..
den we go popular buy foolscape..
hmm den we goo proceed uh to mac..hmm while waiting fer dem..
hmm dey study a while..hmm den me wanna study kenot..coz kenot go inside my brain..
haiz..den we eat nuggets..we drink..and we ate fries..yum! yum!>.
hmm den we took neo pics..
we posing hear and der..hahas..
den we went hme hepily hehehes..hmm
i wanna haf a gd rez and dats its hurray okie..!
muacks n hugs..sleep tite
the dancer,

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

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11:52 PM wif

[x]Monday, May 16, 2005[x]
[* 1st exam is over,,counting down *]

yeah!ferst exam over..! left wif my 2nd exam..
der u go!
ferst of all i wanna say sorie..uh..
fer not updating my blog..hmm well ppl u knw i haf exams..
now im free frm my exams..left wif werking plus enjoying ya..!
ferst exam i took was okie..hmm i did study..
its was okie fer me..to do..but i did sme careless mistake too..
hahe,,hmm..den study tyme baybe..fer da 2nd exam i mean..
hmm trying to do all my bez fer my both exams..hehe..
wanna target my GPA points.,.hmm study hard uh..
don play2..winks*
hmm all da bez fer me ya..
wish me gd luck..
kk wanna rez and 2molo study my 2nd exams..weee

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

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6:25 PM wif

[x]Sunday, May 15, 2005[x]
[* study hard hard euu!! *]

hahas guess wad.?
bloggink start back heees/
well ppl im very bizy u knw! :(
hmm muz study fer my mid year exam..
diz year gonna b my laz year and dats it.
muz put in my bez shot..hee..
hmm 2day nuthing much..@ hme lar.
den went out wif my cuzzy hmm..relaks..and chill out..
hees..den send her hme..hmm den onli i go hme..wif my fwen..
hmm..at nite toking to boo..hmm b4 dat i take a shower.
den i go iron my clothes den onli tok to him..
while toking i study..he did ask me a few question..haiz..
smiles... :)
lurfee u baby...muacks n hugs..hmm gettin tired..
sleep tite muacks..mishin u..hugs!!..
wanna go sleep liao..
2molo exams..
till i blog againx..

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

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7:27 PM wif

[x]Monday, May 09, 2005[x]
[* again go out.. *]

eloo..back again..2day i neva go sch..hahas..hmm actually not cabot ok!
hmm juz dat diz week is my study week alrite..hahas
still hafen study uh..lolx..hahas..im gonna study..but donnoe when..
2day go to cck fetch my cuzzy hmm den go her hse..eat den haf to go my grandma house..
muz go and pazz invitation card..hmm den haf to go mat house go and teach tuition..hahas
go his house teach his sister and brader den after dat i wanna go beach rd..
i wanna buy dat shoe uh..hmm dats wat i craving fer..
hmm den go der most of da shop close..den i go orchard..hmm
take photo again!..
hahhas..photoghenic i am..
hmm hahas..smile..here smile der..posing here and der..
hmm den go hme uh..well..den all tired..go rez uh at hme..

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

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6:49 PM wif

[x]Sunday, May 08, 2005[x]
[* ouhh!yesha heppi wooo *]

wooo..2day planning to go out..
hahas..hmm im going wif mat and mai lil cuzzy ikin..
hahas,,hmm go jalan2..
hmm we went to bugis..hmm wif my dem..hmm//
go makan wif dem den aft dat walk2 hmm..
nuthing much 2dae..ya lar aft get pay muz go and survey things..
im aiming new mp3 ipod or zen? hahas/
get money onli wanna spend huh
haiz..hmm den juz walk2..take picture..
hmm pose here and der..
hmm smile here and dere..hmm den aft dat releks uh..
tired sey whole dae go out here and dere,,sheesh,,
den send my cuzzy back at her hme..den onli we went hme together,,
hmm his my fwen so we stay few blocks away..dats da end of my dae,.

god bless me,

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

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