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[x]Wednesday, September 22, 2004[x]
[* wah piangz da days has cumee,,,ooohh no no no *]

wahs.wake up at 8 pluss..hmm kinda of late lyke dat..haha say wanna take mc..hmmm and sme more scared abt da thingy..ohhh gosh thugx fweak man...hmm go clinic..wait fer ma turns hmm waited fer abt 1 1/2 wah quite long..hmm waited..den cums ma turn..hmm wahs see doc..say to her wat pain..hahe..hmm wahx get 2days smemore hahe..lol..clever hmm den get medicine..hmm go to auntie house fetch ma lil cutey cuzzin..den go home and prepare ma dance thingy..da clothes? da pants? hmm probs?..ohh yeah meet dem all lah..hmm frm 11-12 hmm..guessing dat im getting latex..muz hurry up lah..why m i getting ready so slow..wahx hmm haiya relaxz lah hmmph..shivering....pray hard ohh goshh ya allah tolongku...takut nie..hmm aft dat i called eric ah say dat im on ma way hehhe..asking whu;s dere??? kak as? don and eric? where's da rez haiya..hmm after take taxi ar go there..when i reached go yp ferst found dat no one is there...hmph..den i call eric hmmph ..they say they at long john ar..they are cutting confetti wahz piangz now only den cut haizz...nvm we still waiting hahhaha..where are they??late huh??..hmm nevamind we wait fer dem all at yp hahha..we dance ferst..hmm all lyke slack esp me haiz y?? y?? i juz practised very serious haiz puke man...there they cum..hmm we pratise again abt 3 tymes den we all take our thingx and go up..hmm as we walk..we walk up..hahha and see alot of grp upstairs wow..weee hmm we are da ferst grp have to practise..hmm all lyke wat hmm we only got a while have to practise hmm issit a while?? now i knw..they purposely one ask to rehearsal ferst wahhh...i thought wat only..hehheh..nevamind we still can take our tyme down there..wah wow..hmm den only abt 3 pluss we left da building ah getting prepare to get ready..wah we thought its lyke still early..hmm some more me damn sway coz i got red blooded flowing hahhaah sorieee..lolx...hmm nevamind im open minded enuff to sharee....hmm den we proceed to don hse getting change wo wo wow..hmm b4 dat they wanna eat some more we can slack slack take tyme/waste tyme sia..durh` hmm we go eat wahz da whole day i neva eat except fries and a few nugets hmm ard 2 wahz so full i donnoe y dat day i so slack..why?? dont wanna eat no appetite..scared mayb hmm nevamind,,juz chill hmm juz drank water ah (v.coke)wow ma febret..hehhe...aft knowing dat is already abt 5 hmm and we need to b there at 8.30..u all imagine..all hurry up getting prepared..wahzz getting late..and every1 rushing hmmph...hmm quick ..smua uat keje tak tentu arah..haha taruk sequines hmm tak lawa..hahah..lol...smua mcm gabrah...hmm luckily ard 745 kiter smua dah prepared..hmm don mum go down and waited fer us taxi wahz even da mum not particapting kindda scared..hmm she's scared i more scared wahhaha..hmm we all waited fer taxi ..luckily two taxi cum..hmm we all drove off..linca linca dok.,.hahha den see there;s alot off ppl down there wah piangz all lyke looking at us wah lan dey..yinnadey..hmm me n ma fwenx all went to toilet to prepare hair hahha...den da face put some make up n sequins..hahha lol..nevamind,,den we all shivered then sits around waiting fer our turns wo wo wow..we see da other groups perform wah mapekx siak..luper step hahha...lol...den uat sembarang arhh,,,cuming up our turn we all prepare ar...hmm cumming out da chicanos wahhaha our grp smua mcm gabrah tgk kakak kat ane?? hmm lambat kiter pon dah mcm takut..aku dah mcm sesak nafaz haiz.. takut lah siak infront da whole delifrance excluding delifrance wah..piangz..hmm we all done our bez yg boring nyer kakak luper da laz step mcm boring siak,,lol..we are so scared hahhaha..haizz..hmm den we all when down and see all our fwenx,,hugz all our fwenx hmm jumpe wan..haha dier ambek grp kiter...hehehe..den they giving out da lucky draw wah piang haaizzz ....hmm den da winner..hmm da lupe step dapat ferst coz dorang luper step and dorang one gerl da rez all boyz..da boyz dressed up as gerl...da second grp act lyke dayak wowow pakaian dorang bikin menang..da 3rd is a hip hop grp and 4th is ask da fifth and sixth entah ey..hmm iur grp has competite wif da 3rd grp...nak ikutkan kiter ley dapat ferst atau second due to da ferst n sec mapekz lolx..tak baik...nevamind hell ya..den and the end of da thingy kiter smua hell ya dancing,,wahhahhaha -end of d&d-

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[x]Tuesday, September 21, 2004[x]
[* ohhh goshhhh help one more day sia *]

ohh gosh left wif one more day..and here we cums da competition...hmm kinda of nervous...awww haiz...durh``...scared some more..nervous?? hmm haiz...we pray hard dat we will winn..haiz..everyday twain hard lah..ohh god plx help..haiz...plx dont scared us..help us..hmm so we are so tired ar dat everyday practise..hmm keep thinking dat we are at da stage wahh..phobia sia long tymeeeeeeeeeeeee..hmmm two years neva dance wah..long tyme hahe...hmmm scared abit 600-800 looking..wow...so back to da practise we dance we had fun all da tymes..hmm so we muz haf a gd damn rest...muahzx love u all

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

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[x]Monday, September 20, 2004[x]
[* wahxx being a loNg tyme neva updatex *]

helo ya peepx hmm ma comp hahha sotx sia cannot update due to hmm donnoe wat fucking shitty lahx..durh`...haiz...so bad den sum more i bz sia hmm wif da dance wahahha...happy go lucky hmm preparing lahx me actually i have netball tournament but i make ma werk prioty cum ferst wahhaa...hmmm i leave da sch alone..hehe how bad m i?? m i dat bad?? aint bad ryte..im a gd gerl..hmm nuthing much lahz to update juz dat im quiet bz wif werk..n mai schx..haix..i neva cum sch regularly...wat is actually happening to me man?? why change alot..erkxx attitude?? cannot b hmm haiya nevamind still got da dance hmm and there is about few more dayz to da competition hmm...too bad...im scared...hahe... -HeLp me Plxend-

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

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