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[x]Tuesday, July 20, 2004[x]
[* Sch DaEzzz *]

wo wo wow...Hmm 2dayz as usual hmm gOt sChoOL HaiyaZ..hmm everydy go sch hmm bored** haiz hmm nuthing 2do ma projects all finish and den hmm waiting fer da next projects dat ma teacher whom i treat him as ma bez fwen aWww DaTs CoOL...HaiYaZ y aLso Now aDaYz i Lyke SLaCkiNg ErKz..Hmm Bz WiF WeRk no tyMe..hMmz waH MuZ WeRk AlmoST eVeRyDaYz HaiYa sO TiReD an d LaZy..eRkz buT CooLiNg aLso lahz...hmmm talkIng abt 2Day as UsUaL go aNd Play PooL LaH WiF Ma FwENz Hmm They plaNnIng hmm CoNfErM dey asK mE To Go WaKKaka..don WaNNa go coNfErM Go HaHakz..hmmz...at LeaSt ChILLiNg HmMmz HaPpY eNoUGh LaHz..Dey PlaNNiNg tO gO aFtEr ScHoOl WhICh is aT 5.00 hmm coNfErM mEet Dem laYtEr WaH sErIusLy HaD enjoY OuR sELf BeiNg 2GetheR hMmz Haix...Den wE Go EaT...

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[x]Sunday, July 18, 2004[x]
[* Taking PhOtos *]

HaiYahzz..2DaYz aR go oUt aR aS usUaL..Durh~~ hm Wif Ma CuZZIn AR wat eLsE..heheKz..HaiYa We ALwaYz go oUT 2gether one hMmz we Go OuT the two of us if not we both ConPeRm GoT HeR Boy..Hmm HeR BoY iS Ma fWeNz..HahaKz..wat a small werld hmm isnt it great durh`..hmm we always go out together..hmm eat together..hahakz if can i wanna go and stay together in a house wif dem hmm haiyax is more peaceful..hmm can do all ur own things haiya if stay a in ahouse conferm kena blame fer nuthing which is lyke shit..wat da hell now??..hmm so we go to bugis ar wif ma another cuzzin got two ar one ila and d other one is ikin aww.. loves dem very da muchie..aww..hmm after dat eat..hmm wahz late liaoz..hmm den after dat go send her home we all enjoyz ourself thankz...hmmm lyke donnoe take photo ar...kakakkaka happy sia our posingz aww...

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[x]Saturday, July 10, 2004[x]
[* gOess JBbb *]

wo wo wow 2day we go johore wohoo so happy sia hmm but da bad thingz is dat ma grandma is sick hmm haiz on dat day also im sick haiz,,,but i still go sia..haiz aft 3dayz get pay saving up hmm wanna buy so,ething at dere wow..hmm well we go round round morning go and have breakfast wah piangz hmm i cant even finish up ma food and even cannot swollow haiz so pain ma throat i got tonsils (arghhhh) durh` hmm but juz continue to eat ar btw cannot finish also haiz..hmm den somemore the weather so cold hmm raining,,hmm awww...syok...aft tat we go walk walk hmm go to da tailor and making ma clothes wah fer the hari raya aww dats cute ahakz,,perasan okie,,,hmm den aft dat mcm ape sey muz go and meet ma uncle hmm at angsana mcm ape sey ma grandma tak ikut haiz..hmmm durh``feeling different...durh`...hmm juz cont,,arh...hmm woohoo i go shopping wah i wanna choose da thingy i wanna buy it would take a long tyme fer me coz im so fussy wakakka,,,,tooo bad have to accept da fact haiz..hmmmHappy enough ar ey...hmmm den the laz plaze we went is giant we go buy so many thingy den we go buy vcd and dvd aww i bought six,...hmm happy enough hmmm...den da laz is our some sort lyke dinner an super aww sso happy sia wat we had is a happy journey enjoy ourself wakkakka,,,happy going in a grp...:)

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[x]Wednesday, July 07, 2004[x]
[* GeTTiNg da PaYz aNd sPEnt WOHooo *]

ooh hie hmm 2day ar so happy happy u know..i get ma pay wohoo,,hmm waiting fer wat huh go spend ar..wakakka..hmm but too bad i get ma pay on da i need to go to sch aww so sianz but gd also ar get education ar if not wat sia u wanna be if u big already hmm on dat day b4 i go sch i go and draw money hmm but fuck da machine coz cannot draw $20 erpz muz draw $50 sialz onli den go sch ar ..hmm go all day way den going home at 12.00 hahha den after dat getting ready to go outz aww nowadayz when i wanna go out frm class or run away i conferm got reasons wakakka,,hmm after i go home i waited dem fer so long hmm i wanna buy discman and da thingy hmm donnow arh wats dat thing call haiya ferget i juz call dat thingy hanging thing kwang kwang kwang* ahakz..hmm den waited fer dem fer so long getting fed up suddenly i wanna sleep boring liao hmm durh` mat go and take ikin ahakz hmm waited so long until i feel asleep they did miss called me once but i donnoe wats dat fer hmm..takpe ar juz went fer a nap durh` waited fer dem fer so long haiz...hmm den suddenly abt 5.00 dey all and ask me whether im ready hmm sortz sia me without knowing dey ask me whether i ready or not.dey wanna ask me to go down....i say juz wait ar never say anything den ask me to go down..wakkaka...sortz hmm den after getting ready i went down wif a look,,,ahakz angry sia me,,,den ikin say akak dont be angry ahakz den i say wat tyme already wanna go out hmm she gif alot of reasons hmm alot and lotsa of reasons..hmmm den juz go happily ar go and buy da thingy hmm when da boring part when we go and eat our dinner at long john kiwaklat....sial ar the ppl at long john never serve us well.. i get angry ar den i go and make a complain..hmm to da headquarter...wakakka,,hmm veri gd ar...fuck sia...angry sia...den dat we walk walk wif an anger mode we go take pictures kwang kwang kwang..so nicey hahakz..hmm lastly buy discman wahhhhzz got a new brand discman,,,durh`,,,,,kkk dats all folks

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[x]Monday, July 05, 2004[x]
[* NauGhtYyy Meee *]

awww...heheh..happy sia d whole dayz wakkaka i got plan..hahakz..hmm ferstly ask ma cuzzin to come over to ma place wakakka.,,lyke do fer me ma hair hehe make zig zag wakkaka..awww.. lyke happy lyke dat hmm den i influence her by going to werk late lah hahha lyke wat lyke dat hehehhehe!!hmm afluencing her by not going to werk..by the way she is lazy to go at 12 pluss i take money and send her off to werk..awww...happy enough hmm..well hmm den i waited fer ma fwen to watch spiderman movie hmm den she reached here she went up ma house hmm and waited fer me to get ready awww so happy enough hmm den we go her house hmm ask her to get ready we wanna watch spiderman 2 hmm nah its getting quiet late hmm well we say we go and watch at town hmm she say dont want da place suckz den we go at jurong point hmm we quickly hmm go ar book d tickets hmm wa d queue so long hmm happy enough ar we got da show last second show which is at 8.35 hmm happy okie wakakakka hmmm hmm den we go and eat while waiting fer ma cuzzin hehehe den adter dat go take pictures awww weeeeeee happy lah den we watch da movie!! awwwww

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