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[x]Tuesday, January 25, 2005[x]
[* oouhh so sadd!!.cried out loud in tears.. *]

aww..2day is gonna be da day dat all mai fwens gonna cry..hmm aww so sad..but seriusly is sad..u all wanna knw wat..hmm he is leaving us..our 1 and only bez baker dat i eva had..hmm his great man..hmm chilling always wif me and mai manager..plus mai fwens..hmm **hugs**..hmm we w0ke up early dis morning..i mean everybody..hmm.. we have to go early hmm haiz..hmm sending him off to airport..hmm.. sadd.... :( ... hmm we have to reach there b4 9 hmm coz his flight and his plane haf change also..wadda fark..man i hate his employee..cruel..want money onli..one big lar madda farker,,hmm den we eat bk..ahakz.hmm happy enuff..hmm durh..hmm hmm eat here and there..hmm den we took photo wif him..hmm hugs**..hmm so cute..hmm den we send him off...b4 dat he hug wan..awww saying to him bye..and he doesnt wanna go..hmm den follow by me..hmm b4 he hugs me he say "ooh mai honey" aww dats da touching of him..i came out wif a smile on mai face..den i hugs him..hmm he also tell me dat he dont wanna leave us..hmm hugs..hmm haiz..he haf too..y y y??? hmm..taking care ppl...all wif tears..haiz.. all da jokes..da fun..da ups and downs..hmm wif him..is all been a joy to me..hugs**.. hmm we send him off happily..haiz..taking care mai dear...dont ferget us..we will always remember u..his laz day in singapore..

ur darlink,

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[x]Saturday, January 22, 2005[x]
[* wat a happy daze wif mai fwens... *]

ewlo..everybodi..weee, 2day there's a planning to go out..wif mai fwens at werk..hmm but da main thing is dat we havent even plan wat tyme wanna go? hmmph!..hmm still thking aites..hmm coz no one plan on friday..i mean on friday everybodi was busy doing werk.. wat i mean ppl lyke me and khai werkin and da rez got smethin to do...hmmph!..happy enuff im da whole day..hmm doni mai darlin sms me saying dat..he be cuming after 4.30..hmm i still have tyme to sleep in mai grandma bedroom..slept fer about few hours..hmm den woke up..no one called me or anithg..onli i sms him askin where is he..he reply back saying dat he is on his way to mai house..hmmph!!..hmm wah seh all late sia..hmm i called wan he saying dat he onli at lornie rd..hmm on da way back to hme..to get smethin..hmm den i say uh he is getting late..hmm..den after dat..we juz go off..hmm tot of burning song..at mai place..hmph..but cant uh..due to some technical problem..hmmph!!!!!!!...boring!!..den i say cant..den he say is okie..hmmph!..we all juz go off uh...meeting evry1 i mean we are gettin late..coz layter no tyme fer shopping!!...hmm but we damn hungry!!!!!..hahha..no tyme sia..hmm by da tyme we reach there hmm is already like magrib..haha pray lah STUPID!!! hahakz...saying ppl but i neva do.. wateva..farks..hmm den we go eat long john...hua hua hua..hmm yum yum..making our stomach full..den onli khai cumming,...hmm tot tat da rez are cuming instead few ppl cuming onli 3 of us..layter on khai is joining us..hmm he bought fer doni smethin.. cap lah..hahakz..hmm billabong..cap..hmm kkaez..den we go shopping..buy bags..buy some souvenior..lyke singapore tshirt..den i bought one shirt name "if u hate mai attitude dial 1800-eat shit"..den we are making about da shirt 7 inches...hmm Uncle us whus cock is 7 inches..mai baker say hmm dis two boys den he say his is 50 inches..aww so long..cant carry it wif him..hmm we luff all da way...hmm till we meet again..muackss..hugsss*

the dancer,

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[x]Friday, January 21, 2005[x]
[* selamat hari raya haji..** *]

peace upon u everybody..*-
ferst of all i wanted to wish all da muslims selamat hari ray haji..to all..mai parents,,fwens..auntie uncles...cuzzins..dos who knw me and all da muslims around da werld..hmm today such a big great day..im happy enuff dat i can see dis year one..there's laughter..joy..unlike laz year..no cheerfulness of all..nah nevamind hope dat dis year hari raya der's joy aites..hmm a big day actually den hari raya puasa..hmm ooh wait before i story abt mai day..hmm wanna wish mai grandma..selamat hari raya haji..hmm btw she went to mekka..hmm..wif her fwens..dont say fwens hmm is lyke sista also..hmm went together...about years have past..hmm aww..hugs* and love her..weee..
Hmm 2day actually im werking..hmm is morning frm 10-6..hmm great day huhz..ppl in da hse celebrating..im werking..nah..at mai werk place i c alot of muslim ppl werkin..i wonder why arent dey at hme celebrating..eventhough fer dem is nuthing..but its a hari raya fer us..hmm.. *thkn smiles*..me also same..nah actually i requested it..hmm chinese ppl werkin fer us..den when their turn..we have to werk fer dem..hmm...weird..hmm den btw today is double pay fer da part time..weee..hmm getting money..lets get da party started..hmm..
-wat tyme i will finish my werk-
2day i will finish at six..hmm den have to hurry up..hmm coz all mai cuzzins are waiting at hme..hmm..wee..but instead im going hme..i follow mai manager to take stuff at there...(jurong east)..den we relak at mac..hmm drink water..make fun.. den after dat onli went home..im so tired sia..hmm damn shacked..i went home..wahh damn tired man..hmm so go bathing after dat i lie down at bed..wah feel lyke sleeping but mai cuzzins are still here..hmm so juz relaks talk2 wif dem hmm..den play tricks wif dem..hmm play uno..hmm dey lost hahhahahha..happy sia 2day but im tired..hmmph!! taking care every1...till i blog again..'Hugs and kisses'

'may god bless me'

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

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[x]Friday, January 14, 2005[x]
[* w0w feeling great..weee,, *]

woke up around 6 shower and gettin ready to go sch..hmm..tot of going assembly..hmm great issnt it..hmm but called up mai bezfwen..punitha,,hmm asking her wanna go wif me..she say okie..hmm was planning to go assembly wif her..wow..hmm den i went off..hmm reached mai sch around..hmm 7.40 hmm tot of going..den mai fwen havent arrived yet..still have to wait fer her..wow lyke..hmm princess uh she..hehe no way..so she arrived late around 8,,by da tyme sch gate close..so da next bus i take..hmm by da tyme i reach sch already..8.15 den we go up 4 level..hehhe..tired sia..
-as i walk into da class-
less ppl sia in da class...da rez all havent cum..wow..we are like so called early peeps..hehhee..hmm some sort uh..hmm den teacher announce uh abt next week assembly..hmm he said dat hmm dos whu neva go muz go detention class..i mean wat siak..nonsense..hehhe den we study all about computer..is about a great topic i doubt so...learning all about tat,,hmm learning easier and faster..hehhe..den i went back home wif mai bez fwen..mai fwen calling and say y didnt i wait fer dem..i juz say ouh sorie..i went off already..and i went off earlier..hmm thx so much..fer wanting to wait fer me..hmm
-mai manager bdae-
hmm planning to buy fer her cake,,hmm coz i work aftnn shift wif her..so i go and buy..shared money wif mai mem ,,hmm buy a cake,,hmm great and nice i guess so hehehe..den i reached home quickly get readyy and went off,,so went off wif a cab..hmm den go to sweet secrets and buy cake,,hmm great at last got cake tot dat dont have cake,,hmm hehehhe.. hmm we cut cake..hmm actually i got another plan also,,hmmm by all mai team mates..haha always me da master mind..hahakz..tot of saboh her..hmm *thks Back*..hehhe..hmm no lah..layter she dont lyke..hmm den at note we do dat planning all da way..hmm we quickly do closing..haha..hmm i finish ard 9.40 hahha..is dat fast kwang3..da main thg they cant... cum in scared kak saw or wat..juz ignore...hahha..hmm enjoying mai self wif mai own music..dancing here and there..hmm den dey already set up a cake..hahakz..hmm..kwang3..hmm da spoils thg is dat make mai manager cum out is dat..the chair dropped...euuu..make dem suspect got fite.. ahahha coz da chair drop so loud..den no choice..SUPRISE** hahahha ..weird rite..hahakz..den we all go and haf supper @ clementi da treat is at kakak..wah seh happily eating sia..weee..hugs her..

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

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[x]Thursday, January 13, 2005[x]
[* wahh..lau..shackedd uh.. *]

hmm being 2dayz im not going to sch..how is dat suppose to b? am i bad? no lah actually im damn freaking sick..hmm juz got flu..pluss slight fever..hmm on tuesday i went to clinic..hmm asking him whether am i alryte..juz he let me rez..juz tellin him dat im been not sleeping fer da pass two days..due to da flu thing..so he wanted to gave me medicine..to cure it..ohh hmm den he gave me two days emcee..oohh its lyke wow..hmm.. so i have a change to sit home and relaks..hmm nowadays.. i slacked uh..hmm go sch studdy..and i dont mix around wif ppl..juz talk hie..bye..is dat gd?..i mean its already mai 2nd year and i need to buck up on mai study..ohh alryte.hmm gd lor...hehehe..on tuesday also i have to go to werk..aww..gd huh.. sick also can go..hmm..weee..

hmm early morning, mai teacher gave me a call... hmm saying dat been two days straight im not going to sch..ooh wow.. hmm..happy enuff..hmm den i juz say im cuming to sch today..hmm wats dat gonna be..good uh..its mai ferst week and im not going to sch..aww.. hmm gd uh me..hehhehe..hmm den go class teacher smiles at me..i gave da mcee to him..oohh..okaex..da whole day i study hmm onli da boring FAS...hmm damnn fweaking boring!!..hmmph..den i go off on CS..der say so damn boring..heheheh.. english class..tok onli might as well dont go..hmm i becoming devil already..huahauahaha..hehhe..happy enuff da whole day in sch..den i went back home..okie peeps tyme to log off taking care..till i blogged again...
-may allah bless me-

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

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[x]Monday, January 10, 2005[x]
[* sch daze..1st day in sch.. *]

aww..hmm 2day is mai sch reopen..hehhe..all jaf to go sch..hehehx..well asual meet mai bro @ yew tee uh..hmm he waited about 5mins..fer me..went out frm da house ard 8.00 am..hmm tot dat im late..but im on time..hmm den we go sch together,,hmm we chatted..aww..hmm juz miss da tyme laz year..hmm..happy enuff...haiz so sad me and dem different class..well he took wafer fabrication and i took computer tech..hmm i donnoe uh..y also..hmm juz dont wanna follow fwens..teehehehe..hmm its fer ur own future man..hhehe..den lunch we sat in da class..aww..hmm we got our time table..hmmm grrr its sucks...durh`..fark..man..hmm..erks..2 days we going home late..ooh gosh..hmm lyke wat onlie..hehehe... den sat in da class teacher choose da treasurer to collect money buy notes..hmm guess whu become..hmm of course is me..haha..durh`..i donnoe y teacher choose me..mayb also i become class monitor..ahakz..lyke wat onli.dish`..hmm happy enuff..den i left sch around 1pluss..hmm den go home..kinda of sick 2day ooh fark..i slept twice due to da sick..get well soon pls..oohh plssss...plsss...haiz...kk dats all fer 2day..kwang3..till we meet again..muackies!!!

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

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[x]Saturday, January 08, 2005[x]
[* great day at jb.. *]

ferst of all i wld like to say..today im going to jb wif my aunties..uncles.. granny,grandpa..syzter, mummy and cuzzins.. hmm called mai family okaex..teehehhe....
-going off to jb still @ hme-
hmm ferst of off..yesterday i sleep around 5 plus..which is so late..hmm chatted at msn..hmm wif mai fwen..juz one fwen..hehe mai internet fwen... not kenalan okie..dont mistook me..hmm takleh tido siak..onlie about 5 am i felt sleepy..hmmph!!!..den u imagine i have to wake up around 7pluss..hmm coz da van cumming at 8++ hmm no tyme u know layter..hmm btw mai arse so pain...hmm donnoe wat causes da pain..fark..shhes..hmm oOh well..hmm luckily can wake up..hmm actaully tired uh..hmm felt sleepy..hmm my granny nag and nag till i wake up,,hmm den rite away go shower..aww..cannot stand up straight sia..farks..hmm nevamind still can bare wif it..hmm aft shower..hmm getting change..hmm den prepare..uh..hmm we still have to fetch mai aunties and uncles.. hmm at three different places..hmm which at toa payoh..dover..and lazly at woodland,,he's house so near to jb..hmm...
-reaching jb-
hmm after da custom of singapore+jb hmm we really pass da custom hmm den its a bout 10++ hmm da driver bring us to eat our breakfast..hmm great..teehehe..hmm still early to eat sey ..hmm im da type of person whu cannot eat morning one..hehe..not becoz layter pass motion..juz dat i neva eat in da morning..wanna bring me eat after 12 noon okayz.but have to eat..hmm juz eat abit mix and match wif mai cuzzin.hehhe..hmm...den after eating they wanna go da malacca bus terminal der,,donnoe buy wat..hmm wahh seyy juz go but i me and mai cuzzin when to mac..hmm buy chocalate shake..yumm yummm.. hmm de didnt know they have da fries exactly lyke bnW. hmm also we buy..hmm wah sey den we bought da vcd 'i know wat u did laz raye'.. hmm..wah sey tot its gonna be happy and great..den..we proceed on to giant,,great shopping down der.. hmmmbought 7 dvd and one vcd {malay}..hmm hehhe..den only we proceed on to angsana..by da time is already 4 pluss...hmm and given 1 1/2 hours to spend..hehhe..so we walk walk..tot of buying shoes..hmm..den nah change mai mine..hmm..den we ate pizza..hmm den buy pizza bring back home..oOh wee..hmm..happy enuff..den dey wanna pack some food to bring back..hmm time is about 8 pluss..and its very fast time passes..ooh wee..den they buy2..hmm time to go custom check point..hehhe..
-at custom checkpoint-
at da jb one we already pass..hmm onli at singapore..hmm abit farking fussy..erks..boring..haiz..hmm da malay officers let us go...onli dat chinese cb officer say all muz bring up all da things..mai mum keep on bugging him and apologise..here we go da fussy type of officer..hope he retire soon..kwang3..how notti am i?? hahhaa happy enufff..den he ask whether we got anything related to chicken..nah i say dont havee kwang3..den he 'i dont believe u dont have chix'? farkers..den atlast we are off..hmm farker officer..hmm den we pass da custom..ooh weee happy enuff..awww...at laz we are back to singapore..hehe..weeee..muackies and huggies..untill here till we meet again..and we are very happy 2day..oOh weee...

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

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[x]Friday, January 07, 2005[x]
[* get pay..lets spend..hehe.. *]

aww..aft no money..now is da bez tyme to spend..aft a one month of waiting..hmm i seriusly broke..euuuuu.. happy enuff..hmm now i got pay so i can spend rite guy?..hmm actually da next day im going of to jb..hmm go SHOPPING!!! hehe..i loike.. hmm tot of buying dvd..hmmph ohh ya..really haf a great day @ werk..hmm happy sia..now i already bought hp..hmm 6260 okays..dont wanna change ferst..new model cumming up..hmm now..im gonna aim fer zen micro creative mp3..mai bro bought da ipod..hehe..action sia him..hmph..happy well..hmm im aiming fer dat..and after next two month hmm say bye2 to mai dear discman mp3..hmm welcome mai zen micro..hehe not showing off but.. juz wanna buy it..sheesh..hmm having a nice day @ werk..and few more days we haf to go back to sch..oOh weee...mai broz in da different class..oohh gosh...oooo

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

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[x]Saturday, January 01, 2005[x]
[* happy new year!!.. *]

Happy New yeAr siNgapore..such a awaken day fer me..is lyke afresh life fer me..beggining a new fresh life..wateva past is past..dont review it back..im happy dat..all da bad things happen in 2004 is all being fresh up..lets begin a new chapter =)...*winks hugs and muacks..*
oOh well juz wanted to wish singapore a brightness day 2day..hope a gd day does not bring up all da bad things..hmmph!...2 day as fer me a gd fresh up day..fer 2005..all were fresh up by me..sorrie fer being cruel..or rude to ya guys..be happ fer all u guys..muacks*doz who were wif me all diz while and going thru our ups and downs between..frens..close fwens mai dearie din..mai bro din*hyrul..mai syzta adek malina...ila and of coz adha..b4 da year end up 2004 they were wif me..hmmph..thx fer all ya concerns and understanding..*hugss..
as fer me 2day ppl are resting at hme..im werking..well ppl go out saturday..i have to werk..2bad earn money..hehhe..happy sia..somemore 2day double pay hor..dont 4get hor..weee..alot of ppl sia..buy things frm da shop all almost gone..hahhe..happy tired..erks..im tired of standing..any resting fer me? hehhe layter mayb mai break time fer 45 mins..hmm happy sia..den da whole day so tired..serving and serving..lalalla ohh wee..muacks..fwens..taking care,,till i drop again..weee

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