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[x]Saturday, April 03, 2004[x]
[* Da DaYzz I CelebRatE Ma BdAe *]

hmmm..i celebrated ma bdae 2day sia..hmm as fer me im not quite happy on ma bdae..dah mcm kong kong siak..tapi gerek ah ngan ma mum..ape ape nak buat boleh cuma ma auntie mcm siak ah..i hate dem really ah menyakitkan hati mcm chee byee...awww.....i REaLLy HaTEs deM...LiKe FUcKeRDOme...but ferstly when i reach EasT cOaSt Ma faCe LiKe dont lIke Ah..well even ma syzter lubly i dont bother to talk sia..like cheebye..i juz tell her dont misunderstand ah..i seriusly hate dem..espicially her mum..cannot click hahe!!..Even Her MuM asK her Y Ma Face like dat....den she answer back she donnoe..Haha Gd she nvr say..but if she say i also fuck care sia...hmm den abt 5 pluss i n ma syzter rend bicycles and cycle 2gether frm there we talk and close as pernormal..wakakka..so funny sia..den abt 7 ma bro and his galfren..came i didnt notice dat until he says ooH bdae gerl play onlie..hehhe..he bought me a present...his gerl gave it to me...i say thanks..i took picture wif dem hehhe,,,awww so cute sia...den ma frens call me and ask me wheres d chalet..stoopid of dem donnoe wheres d place..haizz..hahhaha...den me n ma syz go and take dem...hmmm...after dey came i took picture of dem...hmmmso happy wif dem and ma mum whu is sporting sia,,,muackz muackz lup ma mum dearie...hmmm..enjoy ma self..hmm another 30 mins is ma bdae..i suspect dey all (syz and ma close fren adha) wanna sabotage me...hmm but no so sure...i knew d 2 slice of cake is on e paper plate...i thought of throwing e slices of cake,,hmmm her mum said dont throw..no gd to waste food..hmmz den i say okie lor...den i sit a side..smilez at everybody!!NoT As HaPPy...on ma Bdae!!

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