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[x]Wednesday, April 21, 2004[x]

hmmm Peh BiNgIt siak..niari kejap aku sotz siakz..belit belit siak..hmm lagik niari i nvr go sch..hmm 2day muz go ang mo kio follow ma fwen mat 2 take keys frm his aunt..but b4 dat i go 2 ma old sch 2 pass back ma fwen radio..hmm sway siak...i saw ma disipline master..den he approached to me..and ask me wheres ma sticker..in ma heart i lyke angry....chao chee bye dm...i didnt know dat go in muz have appoved by fucking office ppl!!!hmm i juz waiting fer renfred 2 come den i pass him d thingy dat went off lor..haiz we took back e same cab and proceed to our next journey which is at ang mo kio...but i and ma fwen mat alight at redhill and we go to ang mo kio to meet his aunt lah wat else well we take keys frm her aunt..aww den lek lek aft dat his aunt talk abt ma fwen family..haiz so saddy sia..its e same as ma probz dat i face..haiz..sobz* sob* aft dat i and him proced to junction 8 which at bishan hmm walk walk lah wat else..hahakz..den waiting fer ma syz to reply..awww den aft dat ma syz tell me tyme change to 3.15..haizxxx...boring sia i heard...den i tell mat we go later ah make her angry hmm we abt 3.00 we proceed den aft dat i thought we are late...hmm but actually they are late..we waited at bugis wif ain hmmz haiz...boring sia they come late..at abt 4.00...den onlie they come..i sotz already den some more they can walk onli without noticing we are at there..hmmz...i bingit fer a while..me and ain walk walk together gether..and we leave dem alone.den suddenly when i buy new housing fer ma fone hmph!! ma syz call ler..haiz i say dont pick up...durh` rabakz siak aku marah sampai mcm giktu well asal lak aku tak ley marah gituk mcm sotz jek aku..mcm sial...hmmph den kiter jumpe dorang kat bugis junction..durh...i say ah where u all wanna go??den ain nak alik ar die nak pi ambek gaji dah mcm buay hahahha!! betul pe die pegi stakat nak jumpe jap den pi ambek gaji like fuckerdome,,die kater attitude dorang mcm gituk ape lak tak bikin die balik...well in actual fact i also angry lah sia..den i say i 'dah lah i wanna go home...SOTZ SOTZ SOTz!!! den dorang ckp ah ape nie bdae ila mcm ginik..takkan nak marah sampai mcm gituk! grrr x_X haizzz..hmm den suddenly ila sound dah lah smua balik..her tears start flowing den i say dah lah nakmo nangis!! jom kiter jln jln kaez i hugz her n kiss her on her cheek aww!!! bukan lesbo okie...ini syz kesygan jgn kacau!!! hmph den we okie already...we walk walk arh!!! happy siakz,...takde bingit bingit lagik!!

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