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[x]Monday, May 17, 2004[x]

HaiYa..BeeN Bored d wHoLe DaY..erkz..hmm now slack sia i..hmm after school..i lepakz lepakz wif ma fwen..play pool..go eat 2gether..go sch 2gether...go break 2gether..we stay up ar..d 4 of us hehe din..zam..mat n me..hehe alwayz d fer of us..not more..but mayb said ar..erkz..dat bastard..perampas..durhh` mcm chee bye..wakaka..he always ar ppl got gerl...he wants to take d gerl away..den some more he can say y zam always cannot have gerl lyke cursing sia..cb guy..His attitude sucks appoint ma fwen his d most sucker..den followed by waninabu..cb..wakaka..Hmm I HaTe DIs Two wakak..d rest of ma fwen is okie..hmm i loike..wakakka...but nvm i juz chill out d bez is din..zam..and ma uncle mat..hehe even there is a missunderstanding among us..but its fer short term ar jap jek..den we get back happy as we use to b..FwEnz 4 eva....hmm we help each other alot..we help mat alot..haiz..sad 2 say..bukan nak ungkit..cuma tolong mah>>kawan..kalau die tak tolong balik,,tuhan jek yg tahu balasan nye utk org mcm ginik,,i aprreciate dem alot..n wanna say thanks fer being ma fwenz..they are juz lyke cool lyke ma bro..understanding...concern n caring somemore helping ar,,chey chey nakmo comments banyak banyak..nanti kembang dorang!! HAHAkZ..ehheheheh tapi one to tell u all they are ma broz and they are d bez..we are lyke one happy family whp always happy n likes making jokes ard espicially in class..nuthing better else to do is to disturb ppl..hahakz..chee bate...we loike bullying ppl...the main star is me n mat...wakaka..alwayz us..but nvm brader n syz (din..ina..zam..mat)..happy family to fer of us!!! -n-

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