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[x]Friday, May 07, 2004[x]

HaiYaz LONg tYme HuHz NeVeR WriTe Ma BooGIes BloGgErz..aww bz sia..sch werk HeyLo HeyLo ppl wowoow..haiyaz very d bored bored untill 12 at sch ler..being a gg gerl hmmm wat else rite aww...hehekz..hmmm whole day sia nvr disturb ppl..if not everyday disturb ppl..they loike..hahakz..hmm reacting lyke boy but actually im a gerl...erkz GSF-hahad whole day sia keep quiet hehekz wat a gd gerl...even teacher praise me hmm gd gerl hahakz nvr disturb ppl aww.. i smile he also smile..i thk ma teacher is a nice teacher whu is caring n concern abt each n every students..aww..dats gd..den going hme tyme ma syz call me ah wanna go out or not wanna go survey things fer d mothers dayz thingy aww..i donnoe sia wat to buy fer her..on ma way hme changing clothes den meet ma syz..den later in d aftnn meeting ma fwenz to go out town hmm i reach home abt 1 pluss den i relakz hmm talk to my cuzzin n deciding d place dat we can find d thingy hmm still donnoe yet cum up into ma mind of going causewaypoint..go n browse scarf fer ma mummy n granny..awww so kiut..i sit down on ma comp chair hmm chatting n doing ma blogging..hmm ma fwenza keep on calling me n asking me where m i..n where to meet..hmm sotz thru d wire..haizz i juz say ar meet at town together wif dem hmm okaiz..ooohhh no im late,,,to go n meet ma cuzzin wakakka...stull can deli delay..aww..i quickly go n shower..n change ma clothes at abt 3.30 i abt to out frm d hse..hmm suppose to meet dem at gombak abt 345 aww im late..hahakz..i quickly rush there..taking train..hmm they went there n wait fer me at wdlands lucky enough if not thye gonna b angry..hmm den i reach there..smile at them aww..then we go n browse browse d little thingy at hejab iran wowow...expensive thingy but nvm wif ma love to ma grandma n mummy..i would by fer dem..hmm aww so touching..den go n redraw money money money..hahhakz..wow dis month pay so little boring sia..i hear..hahakz..hehekz..but nvm still can survive..aft buy the thingy we go n eat at bk..hehekz i ate mozarella melt d new stuff n there..wow sounds nice..aft eating i n ma cuzzin go n find dem at orchard hahakz dat tyme is already 7 pluss..aww we sotz sia they come late ahaha but still chill heheh..we go walk walk den...guess wat..aww we go n take pic lah wat else rite..hahhakz..took 2 tyme one at heeren wif ma fwens n syz d other one mix ler ma class boyz n me&lilsyz aww...so nicey cute..rite..dont jeles plz thanks..aww..aft dat its already late abt 10 pluss hmm ma boyz chey chey boyz sey hmm ma sch boyz go n eat at bk..aww we already full..hehekz...den it cuming up late ler..take train kedebak kedebuk...dah nak pukul 12 haiz..i guess so there b no last train fer ask..den i n mat took cab hme..otw ma mum nag nag at me fer bringing ma cuzzin out untill late up at nite..this thingy i shlould be lying to ma mum coz if not she gonna b angry n ma syz mum gonna blame on me ,,hmm durh having auntie lyke dem is useless..haiz give up ah lyke wanna die,,or either nanak balik rumah agik..at 1 pluss me still at void deck hmm mat ask me to go hme ler,,,i dont wanna to..hahakz degil he disturb me bye saying he wanna tell ma grandma..he wanna go up n tell ma granny hahakz...hehe but den b4 dat change d slipper ferst..den ma auntie keep on msging me i ignore..she called i ignored haha..den at last ah kesian kan ma aunt i go up ah..her face lyke saddy den frm tat they onwards she treat me well..until i lyke dont lyke

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