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[x]Sunday, August 29, 2004[x]
[* siaNz *]

HaiYa BeeNz aLOnG Tyme NevEr updatEz hmm 2day given me a chance to updatex heehehe....fer along tyme only now y??? ppl wondering issit..haiya becoz becoz becoz .....hmmm..let me think..hehhe i lyke wat only hahakz k lahz tell u all guyz now im doing a grp porjects wif ma fwenz hmm got a bit misunderstanding and stuff lyke dat some more im werking babe...hehhe Plz UnDErstanding haiya...understand lah abit hmm some more ma comp spoil haiya durh`` heehehehz...alamakz...iM WerKiNg sia todayz hmmm haiz so tired hmm nvm get money den can spend spend wahahha...happy jekz smlm lagik ambek gmbr ahakz ape lagik pose..hehe strike ur pose hmmm dats all i wanna say...next tyme can take photo wif me :)..butnevermind b happy alwayz kaez hmm u guyz some other tyme do tags me if any queries fer those who know ma number call me ok go!!!! bYe muaCkz n hUgz...or PeluK CiUM ,,,sLuRpzzZz :p

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da blog is copyrited one and only me
any unhappiness is none of problem..
u may please leave no one force u 2 stay
dun copyryte my shitz and NO DISSING

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