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[x]Friday, October 22, 2004[x]
[* da whole day at hme okay wooo...wek *]

whoish,...2day wake up fer sahor..hmm den aft dat neva sleep...coz muz go sch..hehhe...damn really tired omigosh look i have an eye back,,erkss awful...eee yeee hmm den aft dat go back to sch.,,hmm bath..pray,,den go sch..hmm face looks slack..haiz..y huh..diz few days look so tired..hmm slacked some more..hmm im so lazyy to go sch..?? y is diz happening to me pls help me..well..mai mum also said dat hmm y now u are so lazy to go sch..hmm laz tyme u are not well father pay ur sch fees and its lyke wasting da money ohh gosh..hmm y?? y?? den mai grandma said dat im being slacked to..y me become lyke diz by not going sch all dat..wat actaully happen..i thk is dat during fasting month i felt damn fucking tired..hmm i don wanna blame fasting..hmm its me myself been slacked all day..hmm..den 2day no workk..phoo...lucky enuff fer me..hmm den break fast at hme..all day way play comp..do skwript...and update mai bloggg slowly..hahe.. -end- happy ending

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