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[x]Saturday, January 08, 2005[x]
[* great day at jb.. *]

ferst of all i wld like to say..today im going to jb wif my aunties..uncles.. granny,grandpa..syzter, mummy and cuzzins.. hmm called mai family okaex..teehehhe....
-going off to jb still @ hme-
hmm ferst of off..yesterday i sleep around 5 plus..which is so late..hmm chatted at msn..hmm wif mai fwen..juz one fwen..hehe mai internet fwen... not kenalan okie..dont mistook me..hmm takleh tido siak..onlie about 5 am i felt sleepy..hmmph!!!..den u imagine i have to wake up around 7pluss..hmm coz da van cumming at 8++ hmm no tyme u know layter..hmm btw mai arse so pain...hmm donnoe wat causes da pain..fark..shhes..hmm oOh well..hmm luckily can wake up..hmm actaully tired uh..hmm felt sleepy..hmm my granny nag and nag till i wake up,,hmm den rite away go shower..aww..cannot stand up straight sia..farks..hmm nevamind still can bare wif it..hmm aft shower..hmm getting change..hmm den prepare..uh..hmm we still have to fetch mai aunties and uncles.. hmm at three different places..hmm which at toa payoh..dover..and lazly at woodland,,he's house so near to jb..hmm...
-reaching jb-
hmm after da custom of singapore+jb hmm we really pass da custom hmm den its a bout 10++ hmm da driver bring us to eat our breakfast..hmm great..teehehe..hmm still early to eat sey ..hmm im da type of person whu cannot eat morning one..hehe..not becoz layter pass motion..juz dat i neva eat in da morning..wanna bring me eat after 12 noon okayz.but have to eat..hmm juz eat abit mix and match wif mai cuzzin.hehhe..hmm...den after eating they wanna go da malacca bus terminal der,,donnoe buy wat..hmm wahh seyy juz go but i me and mai cuzzin when to mac..hmm buy chocalate shake..yumm yummm.. hmm de didnt know they have da fries exactly lyke bnW. hmm also we buy..hmm wah sey den we bought da vcd 'i know wat u did laz raye'.. hmm..wah sey tot its gonna be happy and great..den..we proceed on to giant,,great shopping down der.. hmmmbought 7 dvd and one vcd {malay}..hmm hehhe..den only we proceed on to angsana..by da time is already 4 pluss...hmm and given 1 1/2 hours to spend..hehhe..so we walk walk..tot of buying shoes..hmm..den nah change mai mine..hmm..den we ate pizza..hmm den buy pizza bring back home..oOh wee..hmm..happy enuff..den dey wanna pack some food to bring back..hmm time is about 8 pluss..and its very fast time passes..ooh wee..den they buy2..hmm time to go custom check point..hehhe..
-at custom checkpoint-
at da jb one we already pass..hmm onli at singapore..hmm abit farking fussy..erks..boring..haiz..hmm da malay officers let us go...onli dat chinese cb officer say all muz bring up all da things..mai mum keep on bugging him and apologise..here we go da fussy type of officer..hope he retire soon..kwang3..how notti am i?? hahhaa happy enufff..den he ask whether we got anything related to chicken..nah i say dont havee kwang3..den he 'i dont believe u dont have chix'? farkers..den atlast we are off..hmm farker officer..hmm den we pass da custom..ooh weee happy enuff..awww...at laz we are back to singapore..hehe..weeee..muackies and huggies..untill here till we meet again..and we are very happy 2day..oOh weee...

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