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[x]Monday, May 09, 2005[x]
[* again go out.. *]

eloo..back again..2day i neva go sch..hahas..hmm actually not cabot ok!
hmm juz dat diz week is my study week alrite..hahas
still hafen study uh..lolx..hahas..im gonna study..but donnoe when..
2day go to cck fetch my cuzzy hmm den go her hse..eat den haf to go my grandma house..
muz go and pazz invitation card..hmm den haf to go mat house go and teach tuition..hahas
go his house teach his sister and brader den after dat i wanna go beach rd..
i wanna buy dat shoe uh..hmm dats wat i craving fer..
hmm den go der most of da shop close..den i go orchard..hmm
take photo again!..
hahhas..photoghenic i am..
hmm hahas..smile..here smile der..posing here and der..
hmm den go hme uh..well..den all tired..go rez uh at hme..

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pitterflutteroway at
6:49 PM wif

da blog is copyrited one and only me
any unhappiness is none of problem..
u may please leave no one force u 2 stay
dun copyryte my shitz and NO DISSING

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