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[x]Monday, June 06, 2005[x]
[* letsa hooooleeedaeee fer 4daeeez aites! *]

3rd-6th of JUNE HOOLLeeedAeeex!!!

wooo..going on hooleedaeeee aites.. *winks*
hmm yessa yesterdae aint gonna enuff to slp.. ZzZ..!
talkin to boo..hee!..coz telling him not gonna mizz me aitez..!
will do call him when im der.well..
woke up ard 6.15 in da morning,
den stght oway go shower,
change my clothes gettin prepare aites..!
hmmmmmmph!!.. yawnzZz..
ma boo hafnt been sleepink frm yesterday,ARGHzZz..
nagging @ him useless..but <3 him aites *winks*
toking to him saying im gonna miss boo..!
euuu..reach da place at beach rd..
waiting fer a new bus called SRI MAJU!!
momma says hmmda bus is great..
waiting fer da bus almost 1hr..durh`
see lar go out of da hse so early den come der haf to wait..
ard 8.00 i went up da bus..
wow...da bus was okie lar..quiet comfortable aits..
i switch on ma mp3 den listen to music..wahh
da bus gonna go long way huh!
hmm going tuas way..sheesh..juz relaxing..
i slept a while..hmm tired.. zZz
den da bus reached at sg custom..
den mlsyia custom..
aft all da bus go ..
so i haf sleep fer about few hrs..
when i woke up is lyke tyme fer lunch and its was abt 11.15..
aft lunch da bus go again...
yeahhhaa reach KL...
hmm getting to go to ma [istana HOTEL] 5stars horr..
waiting tyme about more den 2hrs at da lobby..
kiter sempat me makan..
coz our lunch tak makan pape..
we chk our rm..is ready,,
2bad haf to seperate hmm..
1 up 1 down..
grandma and grandpa plus my auntie take da 12th floor..
and me take da 13th floor wif mum plus sis and cuzzy..
wooo..great rm got bathtub..
let mai cuzzies and lil sis go fer their swims..
only at nite we go JALANĀ² hahas..
nite we SHOPPINK...woooo!..
woo i slept ard 1 plus coz i cant even sleep da ferst nite..haishh


...2nd dae...
woke up ard 10 plus..
hey ya sleepy head wake up..
mai cuzzy mai lil sis n i cant wake up..
hmm i was lyke sleepy..
my mum force me to wake up..coz they wanna go breakfast..
onli go da wedding ceremony..hmmm
next tyme gonna cum here AGAIN!..
great enviroment..woohoo..
we had our breakfast which is PRATA..hmm i ate prata telur..hmm da gravy is lyke so cold!!
hmmph!..mcm smlm nyer seii..
after eating all of us mcm sakeet perut..
but i at least not so teruk..
hmm getting ready fer da ceromony..
we ate our lunch..
den took some pic..hahas.pose heree and ders..
mama and grandmamas went to SHOPPEENNk..
sheesh @ MASJID INDIA..
and we lyke go buck da hotel..
we go 7-11 buy food..NOODLE doos..heh!
den go swimming my adek almost drown..
i tell mama abt dat..hmm den aft mama back..
aft resting..aft magrib..den we shoppink
FOR YOUNGSTERS to shoppink..haha..
diz tyme a while onli..
buy our dinner..and eat uh..MACDONALD..hahas

3rd dae..
wake up..early..
we wanna go da yang indoor games lyke rollercoaster smua tu..
haha kiter naik uh..wooo..
gereks terpekik terlolong..heee! :P
hmm ouhk uh quite gereks..
hmm den we go shoppink..i bought a bag..and DVDs hmm..
ori hor dont thk i immitation type nyer..hmm
den i bought hmm CARAMEL FRAP @ STARbucks where else..
my fav lar..dun jelez ouhk.. heh!
follow my mama to MASJID INDIA>.Euu hate da place..we slacked sia go der..
haha so bored..heh! penat giler sampai bleh terduduk kat kedai nyer floor uh..
we bought goreng pisang..pisang nangke..keledek,,hmm wahseyy.. si beh tired uh
den we reach tempat tu dlm kul 6.30 petang..haha
tot of going petaling nak beli baju uh..tak jadik
mama got dierie.. (donnoe whether spell it correctly)..
den mama slept inside da room.
mai cuzzy all wanna go swimming..mama lyke don let..
coz da prev nite my adek abt to drown..
we go down senyap2..
we juz go down to da pool abt 7.30 aft magrib let dem swim fer abt 1hr..
enuff lar..
went we reach to da hotel mama lyke BORINK!!..
NAGGINK at my sis hah!..
jadik sasaran..LOL!..
we go haf dinner near da hotel
ate ROTI NAN and TANDOoRi chix..
woo..dis tyme we ate rice and chix..
yum yum sia da chix..heh..
we bring some up fer grandparents..
den we watch cerita BUJANG LAPOK.. telecast at mlsyia channel..
2nite our laz nite..sleepink here..HAIZ..lyke tyme goes veri da fast..
nvm ders always next tyme to go der again..
we sleep peacefully..

4th dae..
wahh,...!! we are going back @ sg..
so fastt uh..we did buy fer dem something..hmm
i bought bag..shoes..bubble gum..DVDs and shirts of course fer me aites..
haha...and also watch..woo.
bought wallet..heeh!..BELANJER jek..
hmm getting ready aft woke up..going breakfast 2gether..den check out ard 12.15
hmm faster pack our stuff layter da bell boy cuming up and take our stuff..hah!..
we went lunch i ate prata..again..heh!some ate rice
we bought their bez chix to in in the bus..haha!..
lolx..nice sia..hmm den aft chk out we juz rent a 2 van fer 2 families,..
we divide our self into 2 grps..children all wif me in 1 and my grandparents wif my mum in one (vans)
great dae actually shoopink at KL..
hmm hoping of going again..!
hah!we did take photo in da bus at da hotel..
hmm mummy took fer us..!
great daezz i spent..
we will goo again...in future//// *winks*

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