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[x]Thursday, July 14, 2005[x]
[* hah! af sch letsa go shoppink! *]

hmm woke up early..
bathe and gettin ready fer sch..
hmm.woke up ard 6.00
left da house 6.45..late i guez
hmm doesnt matter..
in a hurry to go assembly..
i always b puntual fer assembly..
accept fer the other day i got mc..
hmm den go fer lessons..hmm
finished class at 12.00 den planning 2 go out..
tot of taking my hp..aft sending fer repair..lol.
hmm heppi sia some one wanna accompany me go der..
hepi i tot..
when back to my house to take some accesories..hmm
den change my clothes den go out..
to town [WHEELOCK]
hee..where i repair my 7610 phone..geeess.
den we go and eat at far east again..
i ate mushrm noodles..and my fwen ate nasi katil..
aww damn nice..!
den we go take neo prints..aww is damn nice..
posing here and der..
aunties saes im photoghenic..sheesh..lol..
take pic aniwer i take also nice..sheesh..
den we go buy stuff..i bought belt..and my fwen bought jeans..belt..
aww so reach sia shee..hah! action onli..den we go and haf a drink..
den onli we go back..heh!
hafing a nice day ahead..wif all da loves..hugs

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pitterflutteroway at
8:36 PM wif

da blog is copyrited one and only me
any unhappiness is none of problem..
u may please leave no one force u 2 stay
dun copyryte my shitz and NO DISSING

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