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[x]Monday, August 15, 2005[x]
[* geez ferst prac over! 1 more 2 go *]

wah damn farking lazy to go morning class..sheehs..
wah nowadays i very da lazy wanna go..!
den juz going fer da test onli..
wahh..relakz @ hme..play my comp..den aft dat onli keep on going,..!
geez gonna be der late i guess..
wat tyme already..my test @ 2.30..fuhh..
nevamind juz take da train..
hmm reached ys ard 2.15..
not late..2 b saved i took a cab frm ys to my sch..
heh! how stewpit m i rite?
heh..pplayy saved okie..
hmm reached der is exactly abt 2 start da 2nd badge ..
haha..go to my locker take my uniform..
haiya do exam also nid dat stewpid uniform..hah
hmm neva mnd..was all da way doing my test..
hmm phew..at laz i did wid pride actually
i pazz fuhh..w/o ani minus on my paper..coz
wen we ask teacher question..she will deduct marks..heh..
at laz..did wif pride..
den aft finish dis paper..still gt one more 2 go...
veri heppi sia..wen hme..
and cont wif my comp..
hah..update blog..fwensta..and lotsa loads more...!
den watch da 7 o'clock show frm RCTI indonesia chann LIONTIN!!..
hmm weee..keep on going,.my show gonna start..
heppi day 2 day..
okie gotta get some cleep okie..nites! nites ppl//loves u all


bleSs Me,

+`+`+ g0ssipzQueenx +`+`+

pitterflutteroway at
7:02 PM wif

da blog is copyrited one and only me
any unhappiness is none of problem..
u may please leave no one force u 2 stay
dun copyryte my shitz and NO DISSING

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