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[x]Tuesday, August 16, 2005[x]
[* hah! @ laz itz over.. *]

geeezzz,..update..shall update 2 day..!hah..
people keep on saying y i neva update..aww
tats pity rite/..
2day wake up ard 8 plus..hmm actually wanna go morning class..
but ooh go out frm da hse ard 9 pluss almost 10..
den otw sch..called y fwen say whether is der anymore classes.
coz dis period..she always dismissed us 1 hr earlier..
den reach interchange ard 11 m i late?,,
actually yesh i m..
hah..juz cool it..
den waited fer razis coz he also otw..heh..
den ard 11.15 he reached..did called wak?
ask him whether got class or not?
he say no n dey proceeding to canteen now!..
farks..luckily 2 day got test if not i go home..
den go canteen and eat while waiting fer 1 oclock coz got prac..
fuuhh dat the laz day..2 day..
den no more prac..donnoe until wen..
heppi also..den time onli 11 plus..
decided 2 go and study..
hah laz min?
yeah..! always..
hmm go to the foyer and sit ard da staircase..and study actually..heh
wah study.. sey..
my fwens all ask me to go and rileks @ void deck,,
i decided not to..
coz i wanna study okie!!..
hmm den veera and chris teach me,,
thxs to dem..wahh..
realli den go class and do tezt..
wah sey dem farking easy *thumps up*
power lah..
seriusly m not showing off..is damn ezy beb..!
i did seriusly well..wif no teacher aproaching me and tell me da ans is wrg!..
W0W!!..teacher onli come to my table and mark and us me to proceed..
seriusly i did well.
all da bez ina..
praising my self..hah..
den finish all da test..
at laz gees..
now m going home okie..
wanna play comp..hah
den gonna take some rez..hehe..
thxs ppl

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