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[x]Wednesday, August 24, 2005[x]
[* ho|tz update okie..yesh i update ma`am *]

hoitz update?ohh yesh i will..
y neva update yesterday?
why? huh? notti gerl ryte?
hehe da reason is dat my IE giffing me probz..
hmm yesterday da whole day was pissed of wif my blog..
stewpid blog..!hmm blaming my blog..?
ouh yesh euu..wat actually happen?
no songz?hmm cannot click on da links?
yeah i cant 0kie..damn pissed..hahah
den decided not to blog until i update da whole system..!
wanna ask my uncle 2 do it he's tired coz came back frm werk..
haha okie ppl now understand y neva update..?
hmm 2 all my lovelies readers!!..

not i dun wanna update?kaez da stewpid ie giffing me alot of probZ..sheesh
nt dat im lazy da ie giffing me probz..
hmm fer all dos of u whu want me to link leave ur url..kaez always don 4get.!!!
love u all lovelies..wee muacks n hugz..!
hahha now im aint angry..juz pissed off..

-da 2nd entrees-
kk ppl sorie if im angry wif any1 of u..
i hope i didnt..
coz shhitta da pms?
hmm hafing cramps..hmm..stomach pain..
flows 2 flows..hmm am i over?
ohh well juz wanna say straight 2 da pt..
u all are nt open izzit..
hmm if not don enter okie..ahha
juz kidding..but seriusly dos not invited pls dun gif any dis okie..
hugz! peace no war..hmm
well nuthing much 2day..kinda tired and sleepy..
weee..<3 u all?yeah i do? okie//hehe..
muacks n hugz..
till we meet again..im tired ZzZ *yawnz close her mouth*
nites ppl!

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pitterflutteroway at
10:00 PM wif

da blog is copyrited one and only me
any unhappiness is none of problem..
u may please leave no one force u 2 stay
dun copyryte my shitz and NO DISSING

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