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[x]Monday, September 26, 2005[x]
[* i wanna mek u holla..! *]

ey ey..lets update..?
yeah yeah..ferst of all go work..
working on sundae..yeah rite..
early in da morning..den wah lau so damn farking bzy..heh..
den damn tired lar..hmm restless..ishk..
i still survive..hahahaha..!
hmm den somemore my peepz keep on calling me!.
& asking me wat tyme im going?
ishk im working lar doink..
somemore bizy..ishk..
hmm den go home and get ready lar..ishk fweaking tired sia..ishk
den have 2 go out wif dem all..
hmm sending back one of my fwen back 2 indon..
hmm aww his leaving us!..
da 2nd person..
da 1st one already go home already on feb i guess..
hmm ferget uh..
dey onli gt 6months onli in spore..
and off dey go..
hehe..ferst of all we went 2 meet akak and her working place..
at abt 7 onli we proceed..hmm wen 2 citi hall..
hmm hahax..hmm we went to eat SAKURA..!
haha sape belanje..?kakak uh biase..
lol..haha i ate crispy noodles..
dey eat lemon chix..yum yum..sweet and sour fish slice..tomyam soup..sambal kangkong..fried wantan and salad yu tiao [is dat correct spellink]..nah dey all ate rice..
hmm lapar ekh..lol..
hmm den proceed 2 esplanade..hmm i gt take some pics wif my camera,,erps pakai disposable nye i donnoe can get or nt,,erps..coz ferget 2 bring da digi cam..ohh gosh..
hmmph!..nah its okie still can survive w/o dat..
hmm den we juz use my camera..quite clear..hmm..well but i donnoe hw 2 post it in my entrees..hmm i try but it not work at all..hmm nah..layta i try again..hehhe..
den we g0ssips we jokes aloads..haha i larx,,da kecoh..hahakz..
lol laughs all dae long..hehe..den we relaks drink water..
den we took pic near da merlion der..wow..great lar..weee lolx..
we gave him a gift..a pendant..
hmm..lolx..den onli we go home..hmm and dat was abt 12 pluss..haha..
hmm so late...he goes round hugs all da ppl..
hmm wen my turn he hugs..he says thxs fer everythg..and he pat my back..aww
like wanna cry..but NO! control ok! all wen back happily..
wen 2 sleep wahh damn tired..

hmm wen 2 sch..yeah morning class..
tc okie baybe!>.wee..did my project laz min..
teacher neva scold me but she loves me ahahah!..
hheheh..not even 10 mins of doing project..
ohh gosh!,,hmm den go fer break!>.
nah can die..hahah well..hmm at laz da aftnoon clas hmm i did finish..
ah yeahh its working..weeee..lol..hahahha..heppi enuff..
hmm but wait somethg bad happen..
erps asking me..

MOMzie > ina wru?
myself > heppily ans..hmm im in sch lar mah..
MOMzie > do u knw mak falls down frm a chair..
myself > i was like panic..hmm wen..wat tyme..how was her?
MOMzie > she was ok..but hurts..[of course in my <3]>
myself > wat makes her like dat?in a panic way!
MOMzie > she climbed 2 keep da bags..hmm erps..hmm den she falls frm da check,,...da check umbalance..
myself > she knws dat she sicks why muz climb layta can ask me rite?den kk layta i go see her..

asking my teacher 2 leave me earlier..
my face change 2 very pale..every1 asking,..
no lar answering dem in tears,, my grandma falls frm a chair..and knocked herself on da wood..
ARGH!!! why muz diz happen..FARKS LAR!!!
hmm rushing home by cab..
erps frm YISHUN U KNW,,
wah damn ex..hmm cost me $14 pluss..wah till i slept in da cab..
hmm so tired,,hmm den wen home and ask my nenny condition...
*phew* shes ok..onli ade DARAH BEKU!!!..hmm nenny tc okie..
i loves euu so much hugs..
kk until here..don wanna make my tears drop till i blogged again!!!..
tc ppl.. do taggg,,.


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