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[x]Saturday, December 17, 2005[x]
[* here it goes.. wat i feel.. *]

here it goes..hmm
gettink tired sometime due 2 everyday werking.,
and i gt lack of rez..
hmm yeah my newjob was ok..great
i adore dem so much..

well now doing betta.. hope it continues up..2 whr m i..

here ppl listen up i wanna blurt it out..
heres da pixxies of da laydees of mine whom im been 2getha wif dem fer years..
and now im feeling dat im not part of dem..
i dun feel dat im belong 2 dem..
we are not close as wat we are..
hmm dey are da three of dem..
now whu are close..
hmm ard ..belle..and lala//
well is fine wif me if dey are close..
juz wanna thxs dem wen im down..dey we there a while..
hmm not 2 say im EMOTIONAL!!!!!..
all of u does 2 blame me.. fer being SELFISH!!! BEING EMO!!!
i thk is rather....


here are da 4 of us who use 2 be 2getha..now gettink apart..

we are 2getha called da laydees who always share da laughters..da sadness..and etc..
but now im not part of dem...
its all up 2 u 2 say wat U WANNA say..


da memories of us

hmm we use 2 be 2getha since secondary sch till now..but..
hmm damn im feeling dat we aint getting closer..but apart...

kalo ade salah paham ke ape ape yg hurts kan korang 2long bilang aku..
aku tak kisah lar..ko taknak maafkan aku ke ape..
is okie..
ape leh aku buat kan..
juz tell me if anythg..


here another buddy of mine..

are we still calling ourself syz?
i don thk so..
coz we seldom keep in touch...
im not der fer u as u are down..
is fine..
ard and yati are der wen u r down..
not me..
i knew it im useless..hmm
hmm is okie nuthg much 2 say..


ard and myself

we are clsoe since childhood..
till now..hmm now we lost contact..
hmm we less go out..
hmm haiz tq dear..
fer being der fer me..


yati and myself

getting 2 knw her thru adha hmm
hmm we are close also//
coz da 4 of us are always out fer outing..
but now we aint closer..
now dat i blurt it out here..wat should i do..
hmm nah nuthg much i can do...hmm
hmm juz 2 thanxs u guyz..
m sorie 4 everythg..
u guyz means aload 2 me..
but now wat i feel im no longer part of grp..
-memories are der 2 remember so do treasure it- *cries*

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u may please leave no one force u 2 stay
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